Please take note that purchase of a service, package, or class is non-refundable under any circumstance.  Cancellations or reschedules require 24hr notice to avoid an additional $30 cancellation fee.


New Coaching Sessions Coming Soon!

Dive deeper into your connection with your higher self!  During these sessions we will open a gateway to cosmic energies to help you expand your energy frequencies to a higher level. We will work on the following:

-Life Path Alignment 

-Clear Negative Mental Patterns 

-Advancement in Healing or Teaching Practices 

-Becoming Clear with your Purpose 

-DNA Upgrades 

-Unlock Hidden Talents on a Soul Level 

-Releasing Resistance

-Release Old Blueprints (BS Mindset that keeps you cycling into the same patterns) 

-Energetic Upgrades  

During these sessions Ashley will open higher frequencies and create a sacred space for you to be able to tap in and align with the messages from your higher self. The purpose of the coaching is to create clarity in your energy field and allow you to weed away the negative thoughts and energetic imprints that keep you cycling into the same annoying experiences. All this crap needs to go! It’s time to level up and create new experiences that feed your soul and are in alignment with your purpose!

Here’s some of the work that will be done in the container:

-Automatic connection to Galactic Frequencies (Especially Arcturians)

-Deep dive into the soul (Questions that will help you open up to your truth)

-Meditation Techniques 

-Journaling Prompts homework to help with manifesting & creation work

-Healing & Clearing if needed 

-Motivational conversations 

-And of course intuitive guidance either through Akashic record readings or Card Pulls 

The best aspect of this coaching is the energy temples that Ashley builds with the Arcturian frequencies. These are created during the session and can be created around ANYTHING that you need to focus on. These temples last for 2 weeks and you can go in anytime through meditation or connect naturally just by calling in the energy and guidance when needed. Here’s some of the Temples that were built in clients’ sessions:

-Fear Temple (Face your fears head on)

-Confidence Temple (Helps boost confidence & help you see what you are capable of)

-Creation Temple (Brings the ideas) 

-Organization Temple (Organize Ideas & Energetic Downloads)

These are just a few Temples built to help clients, in this process we can build whatever Temple that is needed for your development and expansion. These coaching calls are catered to your needs, and what’s needed for you to move forward in the current moment. 

Stop waiting, stop wishing, stop wondering and do the best thing you can do for yourself. Commit to yourself, commit to your souls’ development!


So here is it is! One on one healings with Ashley V have returned and they are limited to 2 a month! After 2 healings have been booked then you will be put on a wait list.  Ashley has been facilitating energy work for over 10 years and is highly experienced in Reiki and IET. In 2016 Ashley started receiving attunements to Arcturian Healing and a lot in her healing practice started to change.

Ashley decided in the beginning of 2019 to stop doing one on one healings because they were taking on a lot of energy and not allowing time for teaching, which is Ashley’s passion. During her journey in revamping her services she realized she needs to come back to healing, but it must be limited each month due to the energies she works with and how extreme the healings will be. She realized being a healer is a part of her mission and comes so naturally, so she is offering limited spaces to those that really feel called.


What’s so different this time around?


You get to work one on one with Ashley for 6 weeks! This is not a one and

 done healing, this is a commitment to your spiritual growth and really focusing on the energies being released, how they are effecting your life, and how you can grow from this experience. This is the only way Ashley will take on healing clients because she believes healing is a commitment. You will have one on one access with Ashley during this process via Telegram a texting app. You will be receiving guidance in-between healings and she will be holding space for you during this process. If you want real results then you must be committed to the change!


-In person or Online are both available

-receive assignments after each healing

-telegram access to connect with Ashley daily

-you will also receive coaching via text, or voice to support you during this process


Ashley will be working with all 3 of the modalities to work on the client, but the main frequency will be Arcturian Healing which is the highest frequency out of all of these modalities.


Once we come to the conclusion that past lives exist, it creates more room for effective healing. Past life regressions are a deep hypnosis that help heal karmic debt by becoming aware of repeating patterns, and or behaviors that we go through in our lives, until we are ready to recognize and let go. It is one of the most effective forms of healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. The client must be very open on an energetic level in order to go through the process of a regression, but once they are open and understand the value of the process, it will work effectively in healing and creating new paths in their everyday lives.

Regression will be scheduled following consultation.