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Please take note that purchase of a service, package, or class is non-refundable under any circumstance.  Cancellations or reschedules require 24hr notice to avoid an additional $30 cancellation fee.


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All Entrepreneurs have Supernatural abilities and tendencies. If you are creating through passion, purpose, vision, and imagination, you are tapping into the unknown and the unseen realms. 

We pave the way.

We work in the unseen realms.

We manifest magick into our everyday realities.

We question the norm. We transcend bullshit beliefs that hold humanity back.

We are here to inspire, create and connect humanity to the deepest aspects of spirit and soul.

We are here to bring the elements of the 5D onto and into the planet.

We ARE the vibrational shift on this planet. 


I started my business eight years ago in 2014 and it has been a crazy journey getting to where I am today. My business started in my basement selling crystals and facilitating Reiki sessions. I had to create a high vibrational location to teach people how to connect with the Divine; there was no other option. After a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes, a lot of worry, fear and stress, IT WORKED. The belief outweighed all of the bullshit.


I went from a basement to a  400 sq ft.  office space in a psychologist’s office  to a 700 sq ft. store front next to a dive bar, to a 1,000 sq ft. store front  in one of the busiest, most desirable streets near the bay. I was so proud of myself and this year, I took another giant leap and opted into my ultimate dream, a 4,500 sq ft facility, while also selling out my online coaching programs. 


My dreams are never ending, I’m just getting started! I want to help other healers,oracles, writers, artists and coaches step into their Supernatural Entrepreneur abilities.  All too many times I witness the debilitating, heavy energy others carry that outweigh their beliefs.  

Sound familiar? Then Supernatural Entrepreneur is for you.


These coaching packages are dedicated to helping you, the Supernatural Entrepreneur, get to the next level. There are two coaching packages available, two month or four month. Both include online training courses specific to the coaching package chosen.

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Business Coaching Packages

*Please note, coaching sessions and healing sessions are interchangeable. Ex. if you'd like more healing session than coaching sessions, or more coaching sessions than healing sessions*

3 Month Coaching Package  


(2) 45 Min - 60 Min Healings 

Energy work to help you release and dive deeper. Energy work helps to get your more clear and aligned with your goals. If you would like to read more about energy work I facilitate, click the button below.






(1) Past Life Regression 90 min -120 min  or Energy Merging Hypnosis Technique

Past life regressions consist of going into 4 lifetimes max and there is clearing in that as well. You will receive notes from the reading, and discussion after the regression on the connection with those lifetimes with your current lifetime. 



Energy Merging

Energy Merging is a hypnosis technique Ashley uses to further deepen your connection to your goals. In this hypnosis technique, Ashley connects you to qualities and traits that you want to be aligned with. In order to do this, first begin by thinking of someone who is aligned with traits or qualities you would like to connect with (ex. Motivation, leadership, courage, confidence, creativity). Ashley then connects to these qualities, merging them into your personal energy field. 


(7) Coaching Sessions 45 mins 

This is where business ideas are discussed and you are connected  to your Energy Signature, soul aligned clients and ideas for promo. Within the past two years, Ashley has built a multi six figure business, just from coaching. Ashley captivates her audience, showing up authentically, connecting to her community through lives, videos and posts. Many of her high level coaching clients are on their way to doing their purpose work full-time and scaling their business to a new level.

With this package you will get access to $500 worth of Ashley V trainings. Before signing on Ashley will help you choose what best suits you.





Price for the 3 Month Coaching 


The price for this for Pay in Full (wave 3% CC Charge)  $4000 or $4500 (with 3 % CC Charge) with a payment plan.


Payment Plan Options

3 Monthly Payments of  $1500


3 Monthly Payments of $750 when you put $2250 down



6 Month Coaching Package

For this package you will get to choose $1500-$2k worth of pre-recorded trainings that suit your needs. 


10 Coaching Sessions 

6 Healings 

2 Past Life Regression or Energy Merging 


Price for 6 Month Coaching 


The price for this for Pay in Full (wave 3% CC Charge)  $8,000 or $9,000 (with 3 % CC Charge) with a payment plan.

Payment Plan Options

6 Monthly Payments of 1,500

6 Monthly Payments of $750 when you put $4,500 down




Program Information (Ashley's Top Selling Program)




The Shift is a great program for clearing….$288 Value 

I wanted to create a super simple program where people can work at their own pace and revisit the activations...


🔥 14 Activations 

🔥15-30 mins (All on SoundCloud, unlimited access) 

🔥Journaling Prompts 



It’s so simple yet so complicated to SHIFT......let’s do it!


🔥1st Activation-Perspective & preparation too level up....

🔥2nd Activation-Release Shame-Fuck the Past

🔥3rd Activation- Release Guilt-Fuck the 


🔥4th Activation- Release Grief- Let go of the Sorrow 

🔥5th Activation-Face the Fears- FUCK the Illusion 

🔥6th Activation- Self Doubt-Release the Distrust

🔥7th Activation- Anger & Rage- Understand it, Release, Perspective 

🔥8th Activation-Courage- CONFRONTATION

🔥9th Activation- Acceptance- Honor it ALL

🔥10th Activation- Love- Step into Your PASSION, YOUR TRUTH 

🔥11th Divine Creation-BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES 

🔥12th Transcend- Cosmic Dance into Your Cosmic Connections 

🔥13th Enlightenment- Self Mastery 

🔥14th Final Balancing- Galactic Sun, Cosmic Christ Energies...Completion 


You can revisit all of these activations as many times as you need. In fact I encourage this because each time you do this you will become aware of energies in need of releasing.


Each time you do energetic work you release layer by layer..SHIFT was created to help understand the process behind all the heavy energies in the field.


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