Arcturian Healing Method is a multi-dimensional healing modality that was created by Dr. Gene Ang. The healing is inspired by higher galactic beings from the Arcturus Star System who are here to help guide humanity through our evolution and Ascension process. (They were mentioned by Edgar Cayce in his prophesies.) This healing is a high intensity energy vortex that opens the receiver to high vibrational waves of energy that heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and karmically. This form of healing has more of a Galactic feel to it, as opposed to Reiki which is more earth based and IET which is more angelic based. The frequencies of this healing are like strong vibrational waves that move through the receiver’s subtle body. Here are few examples of what Arcturian healing can help with:


  • Life path alignment

  • Energize will center

  • Release old blueprints/Karmic Healing

  • Arcturian Brain Balancing

  • Energetically upgrade nervous system

  • Cellular Restructuring

  • Unlock hidden talents on a soul level

  • Download information from higher vibrational energies

  • Connect with Galactic Guides



 If you feel you are interested you can book below or email to book for the next month. Here’s some things to keep in mind when coming in for energy work...


  • Healing takes time, and discipline, one healing will not heal you forever, but it will help you become clear, bring in awareness, and lift your vibes so you can move forward on your path

  • There’s no such thing as a quick fix, spiritual work takes time and effort, Healers, Psychics, and any other facilitator in this form are not saviors and it up to you to keep up with the internal work. Point being the power is within you, we are just guides to help you on your journey.

  • Come in open and ready to receive, you will get the best out of this healing