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Online Access! This event was in December of 2019 and was one of the most powerful Activations I’ve ever done! Its 2 hours of discussion and energy activations to help you get connected to your power... 
It’s time to get activated in your power center! This will be a deep intense clearing and integration in your solar plexus! 
We will discuss the essence of what it’s like to stay in your power, honor your power and be empowered on a daily basis! We should wake up daily feeling empowered and ready to move through the day. All to often I see people dragging their feet and wanting the day to just be over. Nope, I’m not allowing this with my clients! 
I’m ready to activate more people with powerful integrations and teach people the ins and outs of holding a powerful force field in their physical and spiritual bodies. 
Talking about your power is just as important as receiving energy work in this area. The night will start with a discussion on power and why’s its important to learn about your power center and what it’s capable of. Most people do not understand what they’re capable of in this area. I’m here to teach this! Then we will go into intense energetic activations and journaling exercises. This night will light a fire under your ass! 
When you activate your power center you have the abilities to: 
-Manifest day after day

-Create with confidence

-Take action towards your dreams

-Set better boundaries -Understand yourself better & who you are, not who you were conditioned to be!

-Help others become empowered, you can’t empower others until you empower yourself

-Break through the old programs & systems

-Integrate strength and resiliency to lower vibrations And more! 
What you can do becomes limitless and you will begin to conquer goal after goal! 


This activation will be on December 30th in a private Facebook group where you can access whenever you feel the need to. 
🔥Are you ready to release the Slavery Consciousness programming?

🔥Are you sick of being in the cycles of the system?

🔥Are you ready to integrate the Master teacher within?

🔥Are you ready to be a leader in your own right and for the highest good of this world? 
This will be an Activation meditation to help you tap into the Master/Teacher within. We will go on an astral journey to release the Slavery programming and reveal the Master within yourself ✨ 


Online Course ONLY, will be added to a private FB GROUP.... 

I should have named this course don't be a spiritual basic bitch, but I didn't...Continue reading to see why.... 
So I had to do this course, I’m just feeling it pretty hardcore right now! 
Usually I do courses when it aligns with the energy and this next workshop definitely aligns with the energies as of late. 
I love working in the shadow and I am so passionate about teaching people how to use their intuitive abilities to empower themselves. In order to overcome the darkness you need to understand how it works. In this course I will go over Energetic Protection, Creating Strong Boundaries, and Discernment. These are all very different energies and I feel people confuse them all the time because they have not studied them enough to figure out the true meanings. 
First we will talk about energetic Protection and some simples tasks that you can do to protect yourself and your home. We will discuss: 
- Protection stones

-Candle Magick for Protection & Herbs

-Gridding the home for protection

-How to work with the 4 Archangels for Protection Purposes 
Most Energetic Protection is very basic and everyone should know it and understand how to do these simple tasks to protect themselves. 
Then we will dive into discussion on how to create boundaries in your life. Every person on the planet should know about boundaries too! Just think of how peaceful the world would be if people understood boundaries and respected them?! We will discuss: 
-When you need to create boundaries and how energetic boundaries actually work

-Why boundaries can be tough,

-Energy Vampires (Haten ass hoes)

-Strength in your energy field creates stronger boundaries 
The last topic we will talk about is discernment, my favorite topic of all time (besides aliens). Discernment is the Master of the Protection energies. It does not see good or evil, it just sees and feels what does not align with the frequency or vibration. This is Ascension work right here. If you think carrying around a black tourmaline is going to block all the “low vibes” coming towards you then I hate to tell you but you are totally a “spiritual basic bitch”. Please don’t be a spiritual basic bitch. The world does not need any of those. If you want to Ascend and really learn Spiritual Mastery you need to learn about Discernment. It is pivotal in your growth and evolution process on this planet. 
All of this is important, join this program to learn more!

ET'S 101

Its here! You have all been asking and waiting! 
Everyone who knows me, knows I looooove talking about ETs, this has literally been my life. I have been studying, researching, and have had some intense experiences throughout my life. I truly believe in the Galactic connections on Earth and really feel it’s time humans get ready to open up to a Galactic Community connecting with us in our dimension. 
During this call I will touch upon some history that I have learned over the years, the different species, and some of my theories as to why they have been hidden from humans for centuries! I will also talk briefly on the spiritual connections we can have with some of these beings.  So get your tin foil hats and popcorn, here we go! 
Also guess what’s so special with this ETs 101? You can keep it forever! Yesss!! I will host this class Live on Facebook in a private group, so you can watch it as many times as you want. This is just the beginning of my ET series, and when you join this workshop you will receive discounts on some future offers that are connected with this subject! I will be adding videos, articles, and other content connected with this subject, besides the 2 Hour live call! 


Your power is your key to freedom.



I feel there’s only one way to truly honor your power and that’s to ᑕOᑎFᖇOᑎƬ all the BS that sucks you dry and keeps you small.



It could be anything!

It could be anyone!

It could also be YOU!






Confrontation is intimidating!

We are programmed to believe that confrontation is a lower vibrational force!



That’s complete BULLSHIT! You can’t live life unless you confront what is in your way or taking from you. That’s a FACT 🔥



Sometimes you need to speak the truth just to get it off your chest.



Do you know how vile it can be to hold back speaking your truth in situations where your power is being depleted?



Do you know how toxic it can be on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body when you just keep your mouth shut, but you can hear your inner being clawing and dying wanting to say something???



This is cancer, this is disease, this resentment, and bottled up emotions that create toxic explosions on the planet. This is why people go crazy, flip out, and cause more harm than good.






They stay in toxic situations because they don’t want to ruffle feathers, they stay in pain because they don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. They subject themselves to torment & sacrifice just to keep the “peace”. When in reality it’s a false sense of comfort.



I am a firm believer that the more honest and open we are with each other, the more we can evolve and create a better world.



Confrontation doesn’t always have to be drama, that’s the programming! Confrontation can bring peace, joy, and expansion to all!



Lets CONFRONT our truths 🔥

Let’s HONOR our truth 🔥

Let’s LIVE in our truth 🔥



The Art of Confrontation will be an 1.5 talk on stepping into your truth and talking about how to confront issues in your life.



Honoring conflicts within your external world and inner reality. It’s a whole different perspective on Confrontation and being ok with not being liked, not subjecting yourself to others bullshit, and just being in your truth without guilt or shame.



🔥Why are you afraid of the truth?

🔥Why are you afraid to express your truth?

🔥How would your life change if you could be more open and honest about your feelings?

🔥How to let go of the anger before you confront a situation??

🔥How to confront YOURSELF?

🔥Lastly why are there ALWAYS situations where you need to stand the FUCK UP and respect yourself and your boundaries?!



Let’s get comfortable with confrontation!



This is an online talk in a private Facebook group. You will have unlimited access to this content.



Galactic Living...are you ready for the shift??  Money, Manifestation, Creation!


We have transitioned into different times, a new paradigm. The universe hears our calls, so we need to be aligned with what we are calling in. If you are calling in a shit life the universe hears that, if you are calling in a soul aligned abundant prosperous life the universe hears that to! Picture the universe putting its hand to its ear (like Hulk Hogan) every time you talk some bullshit about what you can’t do! It hears you!


Are you happy with your Money situation?

By that I mean are you 100% happy with what you do every day?

Are you feeling amazing with how you receive wealth or do you want more?

Do you want it all? I DO!!


Feeling fulfillment while attaining your wealth is living life with full cups my friend! This is living life to the FUCKEN fullest and this is the #galacticasfuckliving (my new hashtag I’m creating lol).


For the last few months I’ve been over analyzing the word Galactic and what it means to me. Then it dropped in one day….”Galactic Living” is the  “2.0 UPGRADES in EVERYTHING!!


Money, purpose, creation, power, the earth, the universe, and our relationships! It’s living a more abundant life overall! The Galactic energies are coming in strong, and they are blinding the dark energies on the planet and ripping the veil back to reveal many truths that have been hidden.


One of the biggest lies ever told is that we are powerless and life just isn’t fair. That’s complete bullshit! Life can be great when you take the steps to up-level. Is it always easy? NO But the right steps CAN BE worth all the hard work!!


HUMANITY is NOT aligned with living a LIFE full of BULLSHIT anymore. So I’m going to tell you to stop denying your power and step the fuck up and own it!


How many of you reading this are ignoring your divine call??


A LOT OF YOU ARE and its ANNOYING!! YOU ARE ANNOYING because if you hold back, the rest of the planet holds back as well. WE ARE THE COLLECTIVE and we all need to step up and honor our GALACTIC SELF, that’s the 2.0 version of you, your higher-self, your best self, living in the external reality, you being you with pride and confidence is what the world needs now!


What’s the Flow 2 Force??


Portal #1: The New Wave to Wealth (The 1st 4 videos are already in the group)


·      Wealth Clearing (Honoring the Purge) Purge the OLD to Receive the Gold

·      Clearing Activation with Archangel/Arcturian/ Dragon energy

·      Money Language and Meditation/Activation (Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Riches)

·      Bank Account Clear

·      Protection Temple for Finances

·      Galactic Currency Power Point (The New Wave to Wealth)


Portal #2…New Earth Creatrix (Manifestation)


I will teach you all the secrets of manifestation and creation. How did I get to where I am? How did I build the confidence? How did I tell FEAR and SELF DOUBT to go fuck itself every damn day??


Annnd becoming more aware of what you should be asking the universe for!!


So many people slack hardcore in this area, step up or ship OUT. (The Law Of Attraction is Spiritual Basic Bitch shit if you don’t access the energy properly!)


  • Key points to manifesting

  • Vision Board Meditation

  • Energy Merging Exercise (You will pick an energy that you admire and take the positive/powerful attributes and work with them yourself)

  • Getting FN Clear with your intentions!

  • IET/Arcturian Clearing

  • Confidence Clear (Group Call)


  • WHO are you and WHAT do YOU desire?? AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS 🔥✨🔥✨


*One of the key transmission will be to tap into the Galactic Self…It will be hard to manifest in this new paradigm without Galactic Awareness….The Galactic SELF integration connects you to your Star Family and Soul Roots. It’s a deep integration of Remembrance and a high level soul initiation.


Portal #3 ….THE FORCE


It seems as though too many of you get stuck in Portal 2 and your delusions of grandeur. Just thinking you’re just going to manifest everything you want by DOING NOTHING. The Force is taking the ACTION, WALKING the WALK, TALKING the TALK.


This will be the charge of energy, the force, the fire, the explosion to get you to go and move. Basically my epic, rants, raving, and motivational talk to get you off your fucken lazy, boring ass to do the thing you came here to DO!🔥🔥🔥


You won’t even hear your excuses anymore! You won’t care about the naysayers, you will move to the next step and create now!


The Force Activations…


*YOU as the Creation

*YOU as the JOY


*STEPPING into Purpose

*Psychic Development Exercise


There will be over 15 videos, with informational content, activations and powerful transmissions from THE FLOW 2 FORCE!


It’s in you, wtf are you waiting for??


It’s here...THE SHIFT 


“Started from the bottom now we’re here!”


Moving out of the pits of the Matrix into the Cosmos of Galactic Expansion 🪐


During these times we choose the path...


Let’s stop trying to FIT IN...Did you ever think of what that term really means??


This thought popped in my head this morning...I was like why do people need to always fit in? Fuck fitting in it’s so boring....then I started thinking about what that really means. 


FIT IN....


⚠️ Boxes 










⚠️The list goes on!  


Let’s all squeeze in a fucken clown car, and just FIT IN to make others comfortable!! 


That sounds like fun?? Oh wait...




Fitting in doesn’t work anymore, once you try to do it you will immediately run into a group of people that you are going to Trigger. 


So why not just be you to the FULLEST?? 


People love being slightly themselves but not the full embodiment. It’s CRAZY, but we are all guilty of this including me and I’m DONE! 


Why waste your time and energy trying to appease the masses, the masses aren’t even on the same page anymore?? They used to be (somewhat), now they’re a bunch of scared sheeple running off the into the hills and diving off the cliffs.


Soooo cool... Oh Wait??


Is it 1984?? No it’s 2020, so buckle up bitches we’re going for a ride! I want to ride high! 🛸


The upheaval is real, the world needs authentic, rebellious, and passionate people to step forward. Conformity is the real chaos during these times. The chaos that will turn into a censored Artificial Intelligence creating soul devouring machine. I’m all set! 


Everyone is pissed off now! Everyone’s arguing, everyone’s aggravated, everyone’s disagreeing! Welcome to the Great Awakening!


The chaos that is taking part right now is a part of the Mass Awakening...think about... when you wake up first thing in the morning do you know what’s happening? What’s going on? Or are you groggy, cranky, and have to start your routine to get your mind in the right place?


THIS IS THE’s insanity, painful, aggravating, and annoying as fuck!! We need to set our intentions for the Days to come, get ourselves together, and SHIFT into us FULLY.


Accept the new reality, accept the new you!!


🔥Stop worrying about what others think of you and your opinions. Learn to step into your truth without guilt or shame.


🔥There is going to be a lot of upheaval the next few years, don’t you want to be the best version of yourself during these times?


🔥Learn to understand the lower frequencies that live within YOU and on this planet, only then you can SHIFT the reality!


🔥Perspective during this time is key, the illusions are wild, they are confusing, and they will keep placing you in the nasty old box of limitations. Or the clown car!! 🤡😐




🔥Stop hiding 

🔥Stop wining 

🔥Start trying 

🔥Start finding 



I wanted to create a super simple program where people can work at their own pace and revisit the activations...


🔥30 Days 14 Activations 

🔥15-30 mins (All on SoundCloud, unlimited access) 

🔥Journaling Prompts 

🔥Telegram group to share your wins..

🔥Presale...1st 10 are $111, after this $155


It’s so simple yet so complicated to SHIFT......let’s do it!


🔥1st Activation-Perspective & preparation too level up....

🔥2nd Activation-Release Shame-Fuck the Past

🔥3rd Activation- Release Guilt-Fuck the 


🔥4th Activation- Release Grief- Let go of the Sorrow 

🔥5th Activation-Face the Fears- FUCK the Illusion 

🔥6th Activation- Self Doubt-Release the Distrust

🔥7th Activation- Anger & Rage- Understand it, Release, Perspective 

🔥8th Activation-Courage- CONFRONTATION

🔥9th Activation- Acceptance- Honor it ALL

🔥10th Activation- Love- Step into Your PASSION, YOUR TRUTH 

🔥11th Divine Creation-BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES 

🔥12th Transcend- Cosmic Dance into Your Cosmic Connections 

🔥13th Enlightenment- Self Mastery 

🔥14th Final Balancing- Galactic Sun, Cosmic Christ Energies...Completion 


You can revisit all of these activations as many times as you need. In fact I encourage this because each time you do this you will become aware of energies in need of releasing.


Each time you do energetic work you release layer by layer..SHIFT was created to help understand the process behind all the heavy energies in the field.


🔥SHIFT out of THE PAST, it’s GONE

🔥SHIFT into the PRESENT 

🔥SHIFT your manifestations into the  FUTURE you want to EMBODY 


Program Starts May 1st! 


I would choose a Spaceship over a clown car any day! 


All I’ve been thinking the past few weeks is we need to shoot the satellites! 


What does that mean? 


Break away from the illusions and pull people out of the delusions.


There’s been so much shame, guilt, and pressure the past few months. 


There’s so much confusion that people don’t even know what to do, say, or where to go?


We are in the midst of a Spiritual War and we ALL really need to level up. 


I’m ready to activate more people to Awaken. I’m ready to fully step forward and speak truths I haven’t spoken about in years. 


If we are going to get through these times we need to be extremely honest and open with our communication. We also need to STOP GIVING A FUCK about what others will say. 


Judgement stays in low vibes, I’m ready to bring people higher, but in order to do that I’m going in on the Truths lot of people are afraid to hear.


“They live in the streets that we dwell better obey the laws or you’re goin to jail.


They live in the churches that we worship with the blind leading the blind all the way to the serpent.


They live in political disguise from the beginning of time ruling everything for humankind. “


Some of the 1st lyrics I ever wrote to a song titled “They Live” after John Carpenters  Sci-Fi movie “They Live”


This movie was about an alien species living amongst humans controlling everything by mass hypnosis and illusion. Sound familiar? 


It’s time to unplug from this simulation. I made the conscious decision over the past few weeks I’m done playing these fucken games. 


I don’t want to be a part of anything unless it has to do with waking people the fuck up! That’s it, that’s all I’m aligned with. I’m not joining the “trendy things” because those trendy things are under control and infiltrated by extreme darkness.


I choose the LIGHT


I choose GOD


I choose UNITY


If anything goes against those 3 pillars I choose to SHOOT THE FUCKEN SATELLITE that is keeping people in the illusion.


I started Ascension Nxt because I was sick of aggressively trying to convince people that we needed to wake up through music, I felt that helping people heal and connect to higher frequencies would do the trick. It works but it’s slow moving so it’s time for me to switch it up a bit. 


👽It’s time for me to go back to my roots.


👽It’s for me to help others release themselves from this hypnotic state and break the illusions and the spells.


🔥It’s time to remember who we truly are and unplug from this Godless Matrix and fully plug into the Divine.


Part of the game of keeping people asleep is to distract them and drain their energy. Once your energy is drained, you can’t think, you can’t feel, and you can’t channel. You just become more confused and submit to paths that don’t align with you because it’s there. 


Watch out when you decide to walk down a path that has already been paved. Make sure you know who paved that path because if you don’t understand their true intentions, what looks like an easy walk will take you on a dark dangerous road...


What does it mean to “Shoot the Satellites”?


In the movie “They Live” they needed to shoot the satellites in order to break the illusion, and expose the entities for who they truly were. Only by shooting the satellites could you expose the truth.


💥In this 2 hour activation, we will be discussing the important elements of a Collective Awakening, then we will go into a 45 min activation.


💥Clearing Illusion

💥Clearing Mass Hypnosis

💥Clearing Shoulds (Brainwashing)

💥Clearing Fear 

💥Cutting Cords to Judgement 


The last part will be going into the Collective and dismantling parts of the simulation that no longer serve us anymore.  


Are you ready to Shoot the Satellites and dismember the illusion?




Activation will be June 23rd live in a private Facebook Group, in which you will have access to the reply.