Confessions Pt. 3

Giving up has been a thought but never an option.

My assistant asked me the other day...

“What would you do if you didn’t do this?” Me without even thinking: “I think I would die. Literally probably just die of cancer or something.” The only problem is... I get in my own way. I make things more difficult then they are. I come up with awesome ideas and then put pressure on myself to get them done. Then I get wrapped up in the idea or just the feeling of “I need to prove myself.” I have nothing to prove. AT ALL Let go of the PRESSURE and see how much things SHIFT. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I always feel everything needs to be perfect. Or I have to solve all the worlds problems. I realized the past few days those are my biggest issues. I’m not here to solve every fucken issue, even though I would like to. This is a human problem because I know my Galactic self would be solving 10,000 problems at once. The human experience can be quit the ride for a being that is so expansive. When my CREATIONS become WORK, I’m done. They’re done, it’s just becomes annoying. It should always be inspiring. I realized I go in patterns, start a project freely and then it becomes stressful. Why?? Because I make it that way. Perfectionism has created procrastination, excuses, and missed opportunities. Someone said to me the other day, you need to tap into the energy of the “Anti Perfectionist”.......that was an Ah Ha moment for me! No wonder I get frustrated! I’m the Virgo sun sign, Virgo Ascendant, everything has to be a certain way for me to show up. Well at least that’s the program I’ve tapped into. Time to tap out! Again this is the energy of feeling like I need to prove myself. I don’t need to prove shit! What I do need at the moment is love and fucken gratitude for everything I created and have done. Being grateful for how far I’ve come. Being grateful for everything I’ve created. Being grateful for the life I live. Being grateful I can see through the bullshit in this reality. Being grateful for just BEING. Fuck being perfect. Fuck waiting for the right time. I am enough. I offer enough. I am CREATION. Creation just shows up, when I step aside, step back and allow it to BE.

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