Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole we must go! I feel the events of the last few months have made me realize the radical ideas and information I’ve been studying for the last 17 years can’t be hidden anymore.

The veil is lifting too much for me to try not to talk about the 1 subject I know a lot about. The darker side of magick, the dark magicians, Reptilian agenda, the Pedophile rings, and the hidden ET Agenda. It’s time for me to speak.

The Racial issues & the Sex Trafficking alll connect and I will slowly start integrating this information on my platforms. You all need to know, we are being manipulated and we have the choice to say NO...

I wanted to share this video & some of my thoughts connected to this. I’ve been watching a lot of Sloan Bella’s videos lately because she understands the aspects of dark Magick connected to the Luciferian Religion.

So I know some of you commented under the last few posts I made on the Ashley V page about the Clinton & Soros stuff wanting to do more research. I feel she explains soul selling really well in this video connected to Epstien. (I will be talking about all of this more.)

He and many others like him choose a certain path and within that path they basically “sell their soul” to receive wealth & power. I’ve known about this Magick since I was kid and understood it from a very young age. It was like the info fell in my lap and I knew from a young age this is a big part of keeping the illusions together in the world. This right here is a huge piece as to why we have wars, disease, division, and extremely low frequencies on the planet. I will be teaching about this more because I cannot withhold this information from my community any longer. I really try to keep it positive, upbeat and empowering but I’ve realized over the last few days I’m holding information that can shift the world. I need to share it, and if it’s too intense for you I’m not your teacher. I can’t teach about full on Galactic energy until I dive deep. So down the rabbit hole we shall go. (I was also told by my guides I am equipped enough to hold the space & protect as needed to rely this information in a higher frequency.)

So another interesting thing she said in this video is how many of these people like Epstein tend to be attracted to “Brown skinned children”, they adopt them or are connected to child trafficking in Africa, Haiti and other countries etc. She said at the end of the video that these rich white wealthy people syphon energy from these areas. She literally said they syphon the energy from the people and the land.

When she said that something clicked, I haven’t received the full download yet but obviously I know this connects to ET origins, I haven’t put it together yet.

I have a feeling the white man has been surpressing the power of Black and Indigenous people for centuries because they have connections to Atlantis, Lumeria & other advanced cultures that could help us immensely. These Black & Indigenous people in their full power would be extraordinary and bring so much power & healing to humanity & the earth.

One thing I know for certain about ETs is they are DNA thieves (not all but the negative ones).

There’s no coincidence I was told to watch this video right when the Floyd thing happened. It all connects! There’s a lot I need to say, teach, and share.

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