Get Cozy

I noticed a certain collective program lately.... . . “Let’s all get cozy in a nice looking room.” . . I’ve literally been like, wtf is this shit? Seems to be a thing with a lot of advertising lately. . . “Stay home it’s scary out there.” . . Idk maybe because it’s winter, but I doubt it. To someone like me the message goes deeper. I see EXACTLY what the powers that be are trying to ingrain into the minds of the simplistic or easily influenced. . . “Life sucks right now, get comfortable and do nothing.” . . “You can’t change this reality so spend all of your money making your homes look nice because these lock downs are going to last your whole lifetime.” . . “Get real cozy in your bullshit and ignore all the things you hate about your life. Be lazy, be a sheeple, it’s easy and feels really comfy.” . . Leave it to me to see above and beyond this bullshit. (Scorpio moon shit right here ) There’s an AGENDA HERE!!

. . In the mean time all the real leaders are screaming at you to get the fuck up, get out of your own god damn way, and make the changes you need to make in your life. Getting “cozy” just reminds me of the straight jackets people will be in by the end of 2021 if they don’t get their shit together. . . Get “cozy” and let the government control your life, you, and your fucken offspring who have some of the most powerful and advanced DNA. These kids coming into and onto the planet within the last 15 years have amazing metaphysical abilities naturally, but of course our system will try to shut that down. Why do you think they are pumping us with so much poison as of late? . . Go get “cozy” and get the fuck of my timeline. Settling ass hoe. . . Or get uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable, and be a part of the the Great Awakening, the Revolution, and the New Earth. . . Paradigm Shift starts 12/31/2020 . . Choose your investment to join. Link in below!

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