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Make Your Presence Known

You know what’s crazy? I already made more money than I did last year and I had a horrible start to 2020. Seriously horrible, but unlike most I don’t give up. I accept the downs and look even more forward to the UPs. . . I just never gave in to all the bullshit going on and let me tell you on top of all the collective crap I had my own personal stuff going on as well. 2020 has showed me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. . . I feel like I’ve climbed 20 mountains, and I’m ready to climb more! . . One thing I have noticed is a lot of “Lightworkers” fizzling out. Just giving up on themselves and the collective. Not even showing up during the times where they are most needed on the planet! Excuse me bitch, isn’t this what you signed up for?!? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO . . All the trust, faith, ascension, awakening talk and when shit really hits the fan half of you are hiding under your beds with your fucken blankets over your heads. Well well well, it looks like some folks will be REINCARNATING with the same MISSION....keep hiding bitch, the divine is ready to check you out...MISSION INCOMPLETE. BYYEEEEEE . . Move aside for the next wave that’s Awakening and wants to be a change maker on this planet. Cause it ain’t gonna be you with your hiden ass! If you’re ready to be a change maker, step up and step forth! . . Are you ready to shine? Or are you going to cry and fucken whine? Please exit the premises if you are a do nothing bitch. I don’t have time for that. My soul aligned clients are ready to take jumps, leaps, climb mountains, speak truths and SHOW THE FUCK UP! . . Are you ready for Presence? Are you ready to make your Presence known? Are you ready to be seen and heard, as you really are?! Do you want some of this Galactic FIRE to light your ass up?? . . Walk with me through the Galactic Gateway and join me in my new program PRESENCE. If you want to feel a bit of Superhuman, hop on in! I got the dopest spaceships from my Galactic homies. . . Oh wait you’re a wishy washy Lightworker? Stop before you enter the spaceship. The black hole to no where is the other way! See the signs pointing to all “Do Nothing Bitches” that way! . . If you are a do something bitch then join me and allow me to activate you! This program is for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Lightworkers who need some fire and a spark of motivation. I’m here to share my process with you and give you some insight on how to excel in this field and how to put the pedal to the metal with your soul aligned earthly work! . . This will be a fun, exciting, and of course an igniting container working exclusively with me. We all need some fun during these times of lunacy on the planet. . . 2 weeks in a Private container with me. . . It’s literally going to be so hype, I really shouldn’t have to explain myself, but I guess I will anyways. . . The Calling...”Hey I’m the Divine I have cool plans for you.” Divine Connection Divine Alignment Purpose Work . . Answering the Call...”Hey Divine I’m ready to stop being a Bitch hiding under my bed scared of my own shadow and to step the fuck for the mission I signed up for!” Creation Motivation Action . . A lot of you bitches block the Divine, but you’ll answer to some fuck boy who could give 2 shits about you. Oh yea or your Cyborg muggle friend who knows NOTHING about NOTHING, telling you how to live your life! “Sooooo cool, let me ignore the Divine for these morons.” Says NO ONE is Ashley V’s private containers, so join Presence now! . . This container will actually be a lot of fun because I’m just going to go nuts and get you all super motivated. You might want to punch me in the face at times, but it will all be worth it in the end. . . 5 Lives Galactic Activations Motivational Talk SoundCloud Clips Me being entertaining as fuck! Also Journaling Prompts Private FB group & Kajabi (for unlimited access to the replays and content) . . In the 1st video I’m going to talk a lot about my journaling process, I noticed that many people have a hard time with going deep into journaling work. Journaling has been the catalyst for me having a 6 figure year, as well as the expansion of my business. It’s important for manifestation and creation, which if you are purpose led Entrepreneur you need to know how to dig deep. It’s the only way you can be successful while feeling fulfillment. . . Let me help you make your Presence known! 1st Live is 11/23! . . Only $99! Click the link to reserve your spot!

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