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Me and this F'N Alien

“See Z this is why humans are fucked and your whole Galactic crew is staying away from earth. Humans are ridiculously closed minded, under developed and easily brainwashed. They stay in toxic situations and relationships because they are afraid of growth and change. They are not worthy of your presence and or the Galactic High Counsel at this moment.” . . Me explaining to Z with the Tarot why humans aren’t getting full on ET disclosure or ET connection and guidance. Z is quite perturbed by this nonsense, which is why he keeps to himself these days, orders clothes online (super important for an alien of his status to look classy) and helps me with important decisions at Ascension Nxt. . . Ahhhh just kidding!

Not really. Some of it is false, some humans are expanding, learning, and growing. It’s actually funny to see within the last 4 months, the shit show a lot of you called the “true reality” is actually falling apart. Watching all these truths come to light has been so lovely to witness. In picture #2 you will see the conversation between me and Z as we diabolically laugh at all of the truth coming to light. We want more!! . . “You and your conspiracy theories.” That was my favorite line from the “realists." Crazy how “real” everything is in a fuckin' simulation right? We’re just both so excited to see more that will be revealed! . . Idk, these pictures made me laugh. I had to write something ridiculous to go along with them. The fact that Z looks so tiny in some of them really amuses me and if you look at his shadow he looks like Freddy Krueger or the old school Undertaker. I just can’t. . . It’s still the same old with me, your celebrities and politicians are a bunch of fuckin' losers and I’m enjoying watching the show of everything come to light, fall apart, and crash and burn. I’d rather dress up my alien statue than be a part of your shitty charades that stunt my expansion and growth. . . The point of this post is to promote my in-person readings but I went way off track. There are only 4 spots left! If you are only available remotely you can grab one too! . . Some of the energies that will come in during these specific readings: Galactic Connections DNA upgrades Being Accountable (there is a lot coming in with this energy) Expanding with your purpose work Following Divine Alignment & Direction Shifting Perspectives & Realities . . The next few months are going to be fast paced for those that are willing to let go of the old. We are now in a time period and portal where we can manifest rapidly. So definitely reserve your space now for these Readings! . . Limited Spaces Special Offer Book with the link below!

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