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Stop getting BURNED by Mr.Burns

The saga continues, the truth prevails, the lies continue to crumble. . . REALity is strange these days, it’s not what we are used to. No wait, it’s not what we’re CONDITIONED to believe anymore is it? Every little comfy lie is coming to the surface and smacking humanity into another paradigm. This is needed. . . Last night in my high level program I did a teaching on purpose work, one of my favs. I broke my purpose work down into 5 different elements that I feel passionate about. Of course number one the most prominent ...

1. AWAKEN....Duhh it’s always number 1, I was born to awaken and shake the world. I was always the one since a young age to question everything and make people extremely uncomfortable. I’m a natural at scaring the shit out of people, making them gasp, and making them sit up on the computer for days going down rabbit holes, skipping the showering, eating, and no sleep for weeks. I can’t even tell you how many times in my lifetime I’ve had a conversation with someone and blasted them out into another dimension. I’ve also kept people up days at a times worried about aliens ass raping or eating them just because I had to share my extraterrestrial crazy conspiracy golden “finds” from researching. I was excited to put pieces together with abduction stories, my friends were terrified. Sorry and shit.

2. Spiritual Metaphysical Mutha$&ck!r..... I’m a teacher of the Astral, I know how to navigate the other realms. Another thing that comes naturally to me, but I’ve also learned a lot over the years through experience in this field. I created Ascension Nxt to help others learn, to help others understand the unseen realms. I’m super passionate about going beyond the physical and tapping into the ether. Having a deep spiritual connection will help you open your perspective to this journey we call life. If you don’t know you should know

3. Healing/Energy Work...Yeah, I’m a bitch, but I get the job done. I’m a strong believer in tough love, sometimes it’s the best for healing. The truth isn’t welcomed in a world full of victims and people who can’t be accountable for their shit. Well to fucken bad, you can move forward being a finkle fairy not dealing with your bullshit. Energy work is the tits and in all my programs I upgrade the energy system. Energy work changed my life, and I’ll continue to show people the ins and outs to understand the energy body. It works and the belief that the physical is the only tangible way to heal and evolve is complete bullshit to keep you small, weak, controlled and matrix bound for eternity!

4. Empowering/ Self Awareness...I talk about this allllllllllll the time. You can’t embody true strength unless you become aware of SELF. People lie to themselves daily to get through life. That’s not getting through life, that’s barely getting by, that’s not living, it’s waiting to DIE. Empowerment coaching is my thaaaang and it’s all in YOU, BABY! I’m just here to help you dig in to find the GOLD.

5. PURPOSE, WEALTH, MONEY....Yes, it’s all connected! YOU should be waking up daily doing what you love and making money off of it. Make a living being YOU. Im so over hearing you can’t make money in my field, or I love doing this thing but there’s no money in it. BITCH, shut up! You can make money doing your purpose work aka the things you are passionate about. You need to be creative, confident, and change your mindset on money and how you receive it.

. . And here we go! Let’s talk about societal conditioning around WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS.... . . Exhibit B...Mr. got Mr. Burns muthafuckers paying billions for propaganda to keep you small, broke, in lack, scarcity, and FEAR. The only reason why it’s working is because you believe it! Imagine if you stopped. . . You know why I’m so passionate about what I do? It’s not because I love aliens and scaring the shit out of people, (I mean that’s part of the fun) it’s because I feel everyone is worthy of living their best life. EVERYONE, but y’all settle, cry, wine, and believe in garbage systems. Why??? Because y’all getting BURNED. . . Let’s talk about getting BURNED by Mr. Burns, when a lot of people think of wealth they think of someone like this right? Why??? Because Mr.Burns type muthafuckers want you to think you aren’t worthy of wealth and happiness because then you wouldn’t be their bitch ass slaves. That’s a part of the game being played here. Keep them scared, keep them submissive, keep them unhealthy, mentally, physically and emotionally so they don’t question authority and we get all the resources to ourselves. Mr. Burns mofos exist, but they’re the ones feeding you the stories that Wealth, Money, and Abundance are for greedy people! Imagine that?? Wow thank you Mr. Pedophile BURNS I totally believe you!! Oh wait!!! NO . . You hate Mr. Burns but you listen to Mr.Burns! It’s the biggest and baddest trick ever to be played on humanity. . . Wealthy people are greedy. Wealthy people lack empathy. Wealthy people are BAD BAD BAD . . No, you’re brainwashed by elite scumbags to think living a happy fulfilling life is oppressing others. And when people like me say something against the propaganda you get all mad. . . Yes, and again, I’m a professional truth telling bitch, here to drop bombs to awaken you from the sleepy beauty slumber, that keeps you submissive to illusions created my Mr. Burns muthafuckers. . . WEALTH SHIFT presale coming soon! We official start December 27th! . . Stop getting BURNED by Mr.Burns BITCHES and live the life your heart calls too

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