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The High Priestess Knows All

The High Priestess knows ALL. . . The High Priestess embodies the ALL. . . Where does your Magickal Power come from? . . It doesn’t come from a book. It doesn’t come from a crystal. It doesn’t come from a deck of cards. It doesn’t come from who you know. . . It comes from your inner knowing and understanding of YOU. . . You don’t learn Magick, your soul simply remembers how to do it. In order to remember, you must clear the heaviness from your field. This is where most people fail, and stay in the mundane, settle, and live a life that is out of alignment. . . Magick is inside of ALL. Magick is the DIVINE. WE are DIVINE. . . I see soooo many people scoff at the word Magick. It used to make me angry, now it makes me laugh. I really feel people who don’t believe in Magick are going to be so lost in the years to come. To each his/her own, have fun in the heaviness of the 3D. . . In order to truly understand your Magickal ability and to Honor the High Priest or High Priestess within you must understand your inner TRUTH. . . Too many people tell themselves fables about the life they live. Too many people wish for change instead of creating change. Too many people put all their hopes and dreams into FALSE prophets to shift the realities. . . YOU ARE THE MAGICK THAT IS HERE TO ALTER THE REALITIES. . . Too many people ignore the possibilities of what the imagination can create. When you do this you make all Magick impossible and unimaginable. You fail at living life to the fullest, you live life to get by and are dead before you hit the ground. . . The High Priestess believes in the power of the Astral realms and brings the Magick into the Physical realms, but only when she knows people are ready. . . The High Priestess carries wisdom from this lifetime, past lifetimes, the spirit world, space and beyond to bring it into her current reality. There is NO OTHER WAY, this is all she knows. Her wisdom is limitless and her whole life is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and Magick with those that she loves and appreciates. . . The High Priestess knows her Power and Strength and also understands the responsibility that comes along with it. . . She fears nothing because she desires to understand it ALL. The light and the dark. To her they are all one because without either we would never be able to experience the growth within the soul. . . I have to say I’ve seen too many High Priestesses give their Magick away like it’s nothing, give their wisdom away to those that don’t appreciate, while also allowing partners, friends, and family to DESTROY, stomp on and berate their Godlike abilities. . . Too many women allow toxic people to destroy their inner Magick, and this too me is vile, disgusting, and disgraceful. . . Too many POWERFUL Magickal women are in relationships with muggle men, who shit on their abilities because they are embarrassed of the inner power these women hold. It’s been done to me and I WILL NEVER ALLOW it again. . . Too many High Priestess’s hide their inner Magick because their muggle fucks of a partner are TOO INSECURE to deal with their creative expression, authenticity, and their psychic and intuitive abilities. It’s awful that this even happens, but it does because so many people care way too much about what others think. . . A true HIGH PRIESTESS does NOT care about the thoughts of others, because the thought of herself over powers ALL. . . A true HIGH PRIESTESS wouldn’t ALLOW anyone to destroy her inner Magick, her Magick is her livelihood. . . A true HIGH PRIESTESS shows up because her life is dedicated to the CRAFT and Divine creation. . . The Teacher Awakens is here! I had no choice but to create this program. It dropped in out of no where and the more I connect with it I see how powerful the energies are. The world needs this! Stop giving your Magick away to those that don’t appreciate it! Release the relationships that destroy your inner Magick! Step in to who you truly are without shame, guilt, and grief! . . 2 Spots left for this 2 month Mentorship program. Women only!

. . Also check out Paradigm Shift, starts tonight! 3 Lives (Donation of Choice)

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