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Readings by Ashley V. 

Life Path and Purpose Readings 

What do Ashley's Readings Encompass?

"For years I stopped doing readings, for multiple reasons.

One main reason, I felt that readings have become a crutch to many instead of guidance along the journey


I’m hear to guide you. I will never be a crutch or offer cheap tricks and a quick fix. If this resonates, keep reading. 


Once and a while I would offer a special or open up to facilitating Akashic record readings. 

I still offer reading sessions for my high level clients, but have closed them to the public. 


Over the past month, I’ve been feeling in alignment with offering my channeled card readings to the public.

For the last 3 years, I’ve engulfed myself in coaching, teaching  and being an Entrepreneur Boss running a large scale business.


Ascension Nxt has taken a huge leap over the past 3 years. I’ve been building a team of awesome practitioners to expand our normal reach and to serve the spiritual community in many avenues. 


At times, I missed the connection and energies of an intense channeled reading.

I am naturally a mystical being and there's just something so magickal about facilitating an intense channeled reading.


With a lot of reflecting, I started remembering how my readings have shifted so many. I’ve decided to open up to offering readings again, but with some boundaries.


This time around I will be taking on an extremely limited amount of readings a month and I will make it clear as to who my soul aligned clients are for these readings.


Continue reading below for more info on this particular service. "


Are you a soul aligned client?

Life Path and Purpose Readings with Ashley…

Are you......

  • A soul who want serious change and is WILLING to make it happen. 

  • A soul who is ready to grow and move out of their comfort zone. You can’t have true growth without discomfort. So if you need a kick in the ass to get out of the comfy patterns that are keeping you stagnate, I’m your Mentor! Let’s do this! 


  • Souls who are ready to step into their purpose and passion but need some clarity and guidance. Sick of the mundane and feeling the Magick within boiling over? You can’t contain yourself and you know you are here to share your amazing gifts with the world.  These are my FAVORITE readings!


  • Souls who are Entrepreneurs, and leaders  needing clear guidance as to next steps to take. I’ve been in business for over 8 years, I went from barely having anything to a multiple 6 figure biz. I’m truly passionate about guiding Entrepreneurs. Without us the world would be so dense and boring. We are the innovators and change makers. 


  • Souls who want to heal and or are Spiritually Awakening. I built my reputation by Reading and facilitating energy work. In my readings I can usually pinpoint blocks in the energy field and next steps to help you on your path.

Heres the low down, I’m very honest and transparent.

I’m here to create massive shifts on the planet, so let’s not waste each other’s time. Please read below…

These readings are NOT for:

  • People who want to hear what they want to hear. Real divine messages aren’t cute and fluffed. I don’t hold back and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear to grow. 🙏🏻


  • People who want to stay in the victim mindset. The choice is yours: Victim or Victor? Please choose wisely 😉


  • People who want a quick fix. Spiritual mentors aren’t McDonalds, we can’t deliver a quick fix for you within minutes. We give you guidance and it’s up to you to go home, do the inner work and make the proper aligned changes. You wouldn’t be interested in a reading with me if you weren’t capable of doing this. 


  • People who lack accountability. Pretty clear and simple. Stop blaming others and start seeing the power within yourself to make the changes! 


  • Lastly….


  • When receiving a reading please note you have the power to shift yourself out of any rut, mess, or discord in your life. Everything is a lesson and everything that “happens to you” allows your soul to grow. It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you to become stronger, dissolve the programming of the matrix and become an empowered human to help empower others. I truly believe this statement because I’ve seen so many shift their lives through spiritual growth and a strong connection to the Divine.

Can't Wait to meet you

Blessed Be 

Ashley V

Please email to book. 

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