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Why Aren't You Superhuman?

Are you dead or alive? Are you ready to emerge from the old programming that keeps us away from our ultimate power? 



Humans aren’t made to stay the same, we are an ever evolving species. We carry so much strength and power within, and we hardly use any of it. We only use it when we are in situations that are problematic and feel we have no choice. This is the programming; only allowing yourself to step into your power when you absolutely need it. This is quite ridiculous and feels like such a waste of energy and life force if you ask me.


Did you know your energy gets depleted when you aren’t fully stepping up and stepping into who you are? I noticed this within myself over the years, I think I felt older in my early 30’s than I do now in my mid 30’s because I was not in full alignment with my purpose work. I thought I was, but I hit a huge wall at 33 and realized, “Wait I’m meant for more!”  The “I’m meant for more” energy scared the fuck out of me! You have a right to be scared when your soul says “Hey, you have no clue how F’N powerful you really are.” You’re probably questioning, “Is this true? Am I really here for more?”


Your mind then goes down the rabbit hole of things you align with and you feel the fear because you are tapping into your true God power, which desires you to expose yourself to the world. You need to show up being your true, authentic self, even though it scares the shit out of you. You know that you will trigger everyone around you while dismantling your reality and their’s! Start thinking of this as fun and get ready to walk forward into the Unknown.


The other day I wrote a blog on age, death, and youthfulness. (Read Here)

 I know that part of stepping up in these new times is to step away from the old programming that destroys your joy, peace, happiness, and true LOVE. Some people are already dead inside, they are the walking dead zombies on earth. Imagine how Mother Earth feels with a bunch of dense people dimming their lights so they can stay “safe” to be a part of some shallow reality that isn't even real? As an energy worker, I would say that Mother Earth probably feels quite horrible feeling this pain walking around on her sacred space that she created for humans to evolve.





Image by Andy Holmes

What is Superhuman?

I am a firm believer we all carry energy that is encoded within the Universe and within the Star Systems, all of us were born from Stardust and the only way you can tap into this true Galactic power is to dive deep into the depths of your soul. No one can be you when you tap into this true power and no one will ever be able to copy and or repeat the energy you bring into and onto this earth when you tap into your true authentic self. 


I believe there are levels to the Ascension process and most won’t go past the 1st level. People are terrified to have a real spiritual awakening and up-level because it gets pretty hardcore when you move beyond the basic levels of Ascension work. When you stay at the basic levels you are the spiritual basic bitch, and in my eyes the spiritual basic bitch will NEVER be Superhuman.


To become Superhuman, you need to realize that you are the greatest tool and gift for the Ascension and you are here to SAVE yourself. Once you help yourself you can truly make an impact on others and the world. That’s it. End of story. Once you really integrate this, you up-level tremendously, but it's a ride and it's not for the weak-hearted. In fact you need to be really connected to your heart space in order to have true growth in the Ascension process. 

Image by Andy Holmes

Why Superhuman?

If you want to be “normal”, stop right here. Don’t go any further. This program is for people who want serious changes in their life and by serious I mean I can almost guarantee when we are done you may not even recognize yourself. This is what I’m here for, not the basic shit.


I’m a SOUL AWAKENER, if you want to stay sleeping then go somewhere else.  If you want REAL, RAW, and serious development then this is the program for you. As a soul awakener, I’m here to activate the codes in your energy system and DNA that have been dormant due to conditioning. It’s time to go beyond the mundane, or you can choose to stay super fuckin’ lame. Again the choice is yours, it's always YOUR’S.


In this program we will deconstruct the old and bring in the NEW. The first 2 months will be intense shadow work. The last 2 months will be the expansion and evolution process. Risk is reward and your life will be nothing if you can’t take a chance to better yourself and make the moves you need to make in order to walk your path.


Are you procrastinating on your purpose work?


Are you a purpose led entrepreneur that feels like you are missing something?


Are you an artist or writer who needs to be seen and heard but you can’t seem to show your true self to the world without falling into fear?


Do you feel you can do more but can’t get past a certain level?


Do you need to develop your intuitive gifts and have a deeper understanding of your innate power?



If you answered YES to any of these, this program is for you!



Here’s what we will be diving into until February 2021:


  • Diving into Fears

    • Identity Crisis 

    • Belonging/ Being Accepted 

    • Stability 

    • The Unknown

  • Deconstructing the Ego 

    • Power loss -> creating the Ego 

    • Ancestral Clearing Activation (deconstruct power loss)

    • Family & Society programming around the Ego 

    • Releasing attachment  

    • Releasing “struggle” of life

    • Ego vs. Intuition 

  • Expansion - Next Level Self 

    • Ways to develop intuitive abilities

    • Channeling guides vs. higher self

    • Connecting heart and mind 

    • Stimulating the senses by releasing the programming of “making sense

  •  Rooting 

  • Downloading energy and information 

  • Stepping into purpose

  • Taking inspired action 

  • Unapologetically you 


  • Four months in a private container with me

  • Private 1:1 telegram access to me for daily connections and private coaching 

  • Group telegram access with fellow members 

  • A total of four Group Coaching calls

  • 1 forty-five minute private session with me each month, or 2 (25) minute private sessions per month

  • Access to the private Facebook Group and Kajabi Online School

  • Workbook and Journaling prompts 

  • Sondcloud activations an teachings, in addition to the LIVE teachings


This is high-level Ascension work.


Are you ready to be Superhuman or stay super lame? The world doesn’t need any more lame! We need leaders who are tapped in and want to help elevate the world. Are you one of these people but you are afraid to admit it’s you?? UMMMMMM IT’S YOU BITCH! If you’ve read this far, you are a change maker!


Aren’t you sick of being basic, boring, and not in full alignment with your truth? To me it is pure torment to live half assed and not myself; I honestly would rather die. Being free is the only way to live, and the only way you can be free is to allow, own, and accept who you truly are.


I know my soul aligned clients need this program in their life. The Ascension does not wait for anyone. The Ascension isn't for the weak and I know everyone that works with me is extremely powerful. We are here to elevate the vibrations on this planet together. Don’t waste this lifetime wishing you did something. Use this lifetime for supreme soul development and expansion.




Are you IN?


Full Payment -  $4,000 until October 11th, then it will raise to $4,444.00

Payment Plans are available...

Contact Ashley through her email at avascension@gmail.com 


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