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The Teacher Awakens

Walk the path and honor the path. It’s time for you to step up, it’s time for you to honor your inner power. 

The Goddess 

The Queen 

The High Priestess 

The Teacher has awakened in many, but many still choose to stay hidden. The Teacher will awaken in many, but many will need guidance as to how to move forth and forward during these turbulent times. It’s all about your choices and WHAT YOU choose to do with your inner power, strength, and Divine love. I see so many people being half assed, playing with no WILL to actually win, and making goals they know they will never achieve. Not because they can’t, because they truly don’t believe in themselves and the Divine Plan. The universe feels your energy, and God gives you what you feel you deserve. I believe we all deserve more. I believe we are all worthy of more. We need to believe in ourselves and then each other.


Do you believe in your inner Magick? 

Do you believe in your Sovereignty to lead and rule?

Do you believe in your sensual energy of the Empress within to create the reality you desire in your heart and womb?


    It’s time to go deeper, don’t walk into 2021 relying on the wishing well. Stop wishing and start willing. Know that who you TRUELY ARE will come forth during this year. 2020 has had many delays, and we had to learn to adapt to the new paradigms. I was NOT going to allow the Ashley that wanted come forth to be pushed back and delayed, until I was ready. This is always the excuse….”when I am ready.” I did what I needed to do have her step forth. She is now here and evolving day by day because I CHOSE to align with my truth REGARDLESS of the changes in the current realities. NOTHING could stop me from my Expansion this year, and nothing will stop me moving forward. The only thing stopping me, is me and the choices I make. I decide to step into flow and create consistent momentum while the old reality is crumbling around me.  I am the Goddess, I am the Queen, I am the High Priestess. I claim all of this, standing strong and standing firm in my belief in myself. It comes with ease when you take the steps regardless of what is being thrown at you. 


    2021 manifestations will materialize depending on your Divine Connections, your belief in your inner Magick, and your WORTH. You’re self worth, your self mastery and your actions after making a decision. 


The Teachers Awakens is here for the Magickal Entrepreneurs, Healers, Oracles, Lightworkers, and any Magickal woman who aligns with being a part of the New Earth Paradigm. We will be working in a private container for 2 months starting officially the 1st week of January. (Pre-work will be in the container before the official date!) Our intention is to honor the Magick that lives within to create the Magick of the reality that we desire. If your heart yearns for a deeper connection to your Magickal abilities and your inner power and you ignore this you are throwing away your Divinity. Why would you want to throw away your Divine Gifts? 


Why Join?

If I had to choose one Divine Feminine energy that I connect with the most, I would definitely say Mary Magdalene. I embody a lot of her energy and I hold it with honor and love. Anyone who has worked with me while I embody the Magdalene energy KNOWS it is some of the most powerful work I have ever done. It’s time for me to Co-create with this beautiful Priestess in a high-level training to assists others to develop. She is calling me, she is here and she is merging with my energy to help 13 women Transcend into The Goddess, The Priestess, And The Queen.


The Teacher Awakens is 2 months of working with me and a small group of powerful women in a private container to honor the Divine Feminine that will bring forth the New Earth and lead the Ascension. 


We will move through 7 Temples of Self-mastery (7 Activations and Upgrades) 



War and Peace 

The Resurrection 

Saint and Sinner





And there will also be the following:


Group Coaching Calls 

Live Trainings 

Group Telegram Access 

2 Magickal Ceremonies 

2 (1:1) Private Sessions with me  

Private Facebook Group 

Tap Into the Following Energies

The Goddess:


    The sensual, the sexual and the pleasurable ways to create the realities you desire. Too many women live their life’s to please others, it’s time to please yourself. It’s time to honor yourself, it’s time to embody your divine feminine truth. 



The Queen:


    Many of you are here to lead and assist through the new paradigms that will be created on this Earth. Only a Queen can create a Kingdom and a steady foundation to keep it strong and stable. Are you ready to wear your crown? Are you ready to create your Purpose Led Empire and step up and own who the FUCK you are?



The High Priestess:


    The Teacher, she who is all knowing, she who is wise, she who embodies the wisdom from this world and beyond. There are too many High Priestess energies who are living a muggle life and slowly dying inside. The Divine Feminine has stepped forth on earth and is asking all Priestesses to own who they are for the collective to Ascend. It’s time to share your knowledge, to be heard, be seen, and be honored!


Who isThis For?

This is for any woman who is ready to transcend and embody all 3 of the powerful energies above. Many of you deny your power and become submissive to a lie. Living the life for other people and being a servant to many things that no longer serve you. I am ready to crown the Queens, to empower the Goddess within and to activate the High Priestess who is ready to serve the collective for the highest good of all. My energy is here to activate leaders, and to help them step forth and complete their Divine Purpose Work. 














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