The Teacher Awakens


The Teacher Awakens Continued is Here


The first cycle of the Teacher Awakens has been unbelievably epic! I’m really feeling called to keep this energy in motion, and I knew from the beginning when I started, this would be longer than a two month mentorship. 


Mary Magdalene is an extraordinary soul in my eyes, she is the Queen, the Goddess, and the High Priestess rolled into one. She is the epitome of the Divine mother, sister, and confidant. I’ve always had a deep respect for her energy. She has been coming to me for years and every time she steps forth, I listen.This time she came in like a force fire and it was completely unexpected.


“I need you to do this course, hold this space, and help these women excel beyond what they can comprehend!” I looked around like…”Are you talking to me?” She replied with, “Yes, get it done now.”


As many of you know, it was intimidating, scary and uncomfortable. But I did it, and it has been one of the best courses I have ever taught. Remember in the beginning, I was doubting myself; this is a pure example as to why you should NEVER doubt a Divine Calling. Answering the Divine calling helped me to remember pieces and parts of myself that have been suppressed for lifetimes. Don’t EVER ignore the call!! 


Who Is This For?

The Goddess 

The Queen 

The High Priestess 


The Teacher has awakened in many, but many still choose to stay hidden. The Teacher will awaken in many, but many will need guidance as to how to move forth and forward during these turbulent times. It’s all about your choices and WHAT YOU choose to do with your inner power, strength, and Divine love. I see so many people being half-assed, playing with no will to actually win, and making goals they know they will never achieve. Not because they can’t, but because they truly don’t believe in themselves and the Divine Plan. The universe feels your energy, and God gives you what you feel you deserve. I believe we all deserve more. I believe we are all worthy of more. We need to believe in ourselves and then each other.


Do you believe in your inner magick? 

Do you believe in your Sovereignty to lead and rule?

Do you believe in your sensual energy of the Empress within to create the reality you desire in your heart and womb?




 Who’s this for?  


The Teachers Awakens is here for the Magickal Entrepreneurs, Healers, Oracles, Lightworkers, and any Magickal woman who aligns with being a part of the New Earth Paradigm. Our intention is to honor the Magick that lives within to create the Magick of the reality that we desire. If your heart yearns for a deeper connection to your Magickal abilities and your inner power and you ignore this you are throwing away your Divinity. Why would you want to throw away your Divine Gifts? 

What's Included...

Great news!You receive everything from the first cycle with this program, so as soon as you sign up you can get started going through these Temples!


7 temples

  • Crucifixion

  • War & Peace 

  • Resurrection 

  • The Saint & The Sinner 

  • Liberation

  • Revelation

  • Ascension

7 Teachings  

11 Activations


First, we will be connecting with different energies throughout the months, while Mary Magdalene continues to hold the space. I know for sure Nefertiti will be involved this time around, which will help to integrate the energy of the Galactic High Priestess. Her energy is fierce, and she’s really put me in line lately. Also I feel Merlin coming in strongly, Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet (which has partnered with Mary Magdalene in Ceremony with me before), of course the Christ Consciousness and the Divine King and Queen energies to say the least. I feel more will be popping in, depending on the Temple and the work we are doing.


Also as far as the Temples, I’ve decided we will focus on one Temple a month. This will be better for the integration process and I feel  having the time to focus on one teaching will help with the development and a better understanding of the download. 


 I am planning to do a once a month meet up or in person ceremony. This all depends on the energy and what I feel is in alignment. If it is an in person meet up, this will be our group coaching session. It will last for 2-3 hours so we can connect, journal, mediate, and have open discussion. If it is a ceremony it will be around 2-3 hours with more of a magickal purpose and connection. Again everything will be recorded if you can't make the in-person event,  and of course also for those that are remote. 


Additionally, we will be doing Past Life work in this Mentorship and each person will receive a Past Life Regression included in the program. I feel this is important for your development and the remembrance of the power you hold. 


The Teacher Awakens Continued will be a flow of energy to keep the momentum going. We will continue to dive deeper, create magickal moments, and expand our consciousness! 


1:1 Coaching Mentorship COMING SOON

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Temple Energies We Will Be Diving Into


Last month TBA


Mythic Reality 

This is where we will start the next phase and I’m super excited! 

  • The Energy of Enchantment 

  • Making the Impossible, Possible 

  • Magick, Mystical and Beyond This Reality 

  • Creation Through Momentum, Leaving Stagnate energies behind

  • Dreams Are Your Reality 

The Queen’s Court

  • Sovereignty 

  • Nefertiti

  • What it Takes to Rule 

  • Ownership 

  • Boss Bitch Mentality 

  • Saying yes to your Leadership abilities

Sacred Sexual Union

  • The Goddess Within 

  • The Divine King & Queen (Higher Vibrational Relationships)

  • Balancing the Masculine & Feminine 

  • Your Sexual Power 

  • Desires, Passion, Courage 

  • Sex Magick 


Paid program Includes:

  • 4 month mentorship (Officially Starts April 15- Ends Aug 15) 

  • 3 Ceremonies (In person or Online) 

  • Once a Month in person Connection (Either Ceremony or Group Coaching) 

  • Group Coaching Once a month 

  • Past life work 

  • 1 Past Life Regression (1:1 Session)

  • Group telegram access

  •  (3) 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Monthly Teachings/ Temple trainings (Audios, Lives) 

  • Access to all the Replays on Kajabi

  • Private Facebook Group 

Here's What People Are Saying About Teacher Awakens...

Jennifer S.

The most powerful experience amongst a group of women I have ever known. The constant support you get into evolving and getting through places you never thought you needed to see happen.

Justine H.

Joining the Teacher Awakens program was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my growth. The program has helped me to shift my perspective, become more open and vulnerable in my relationships, deepen trust within myself, and align more closely to  my soul's purpose.

Alicia F.

I would recommend these teachings to any woman who feels this sparks a light within them, who is ready and willing to step into and be in their truth, welcome and embrace love, strength and balance, or enhance their power.

Renée V.

The Teacher Awakens experience is something I can never forget. I have shifted into self-love, boundaries, miracles, increased passion in everything I do and a boost in all of my relatiolnships. The clarity is refreshing.