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Supernatural Entrepreneur

The Innovators Container


The Supernatural Entrepreneur is an Innovator

All entrepreneurs have supernatural abilities and tendencies. If you are creating through passion, purpose, vision, and imagination, you are tapping into the unknown and the unseen realms. 


We pave the way.

We work in the unseen realms.

We manifest magick into our everyday realities.

We question the norm.

We transcend bullshit beliefs that hold humanity back.

We are here to inspire, create and connect humanity to the deepest aspects of spirit and soul.

We are here to bring the elements of the 5D onto and into the planet.

We ARE the vibrational shift on this planet. 

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I started my business seven years ago in 2014 and it has been a crazy journey getting to where I am today. My business started in my basement selling crystals and facilitating Reiki sessions. I had to create a high vibrational location to teach people how to connect with the Divine; there was no other option. After a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes, a lot of worry, fear and stress, IT WORKED. The belief outweighed all of the bullshit.


I went from a basement to a  400 sq ft.  office space in a psychologist’s office  to a 700 sq ft. store front next to a dive bar, to a 1,000 sq ft. store front  in one of the busiest, most desirable streets near the bay. I was so proud of myself and this year, I took another giant leap and opted into my ultimate dream, a 4,500 sq ft facility, while also selling out my online coaching programs. 


My dreams are never ending, I’m just getting started! I want to help other healers, oracles, writers, artists and coaches step into their Supernatural Entrepreneur abilities. All too many times I witness the debilitating, heavy energy others carry that outweigh their beliefs.  

Sound familiar? Then the Supernatural Entrepreneur is for you!


I decided to create the Innovators Container for the supernatural, galactic and magickal realms! You have it in you, and I’m here to help you step into your ultimate dreams.


What's Included

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion of what my ‘niche’ is...ASCENSION WORK BABY, DUH! Time and time again, I have been told I have to choose ONE niche...ummm no, I don’t. Ascension Work is self-development work in all different areas. I’m here to raise vibes, connect tribes, and help the world thrive. I have decided to separate my programs into four main pillars, each corresponding to one of the four elements; Water, Earth, Fire and Air.


Water: Healing, Clearing Old Programs, and Activations 

Earth: Business, Abundance, Leadership

Fire: Motivation, Inspiration, and Expansion

Air: Psychic and Intuitive Development 


Supernatural Entrepreneur is a monthly membership portal where we will be diving into each of these four areas. All of these elements have helped me to get where I am today, living out my dreams. This program is for those who are ready to step into and flow into their purpose work.


Join me for:

1 Live Training a Month 

1 Live Q& A Training 

Card Pulls 

Journaling Prompts 

Mentorship Guidance and Support

Creation Activations 

Special Guest Appearances From Other Entrepreneurs Within This Field


This is a support group to help you discover the fiery, burning passion within yourself, and make your dreams a reality. My dreams have come true, and so can your’s.

 It all starts with taking that leap of faith. Are you in?


Payments Plans
10 more spaces available at this price.



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