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Image by Yumi Kim

Wealth Shift
33 Days of Shifting yOUR wEALTH fREQUENCY


Ahhh the fear in the collective! It’s GREAT isn’t it?? NOOOOO.

Who’s buying this crap? Oh that’s right, A LOT OF YOU. Inflation, viruses, corrupt politicians, bad vibes and terrible ideologies to keep humans low. The never ending stories of doom and gloom. Seems like a lot of people are highly invested in the negative but won’t drop a dime for the positive.

What are you INVESTED in daily? 

What are you PAYING attention to daily?

What ideas are FLOWING into your mind daily? 

Can you BANK on yourself to show up for yourself when in need? Or do you ignore the call to SUPPLY yourself with real love?

What memories are you SAVING, holding onto, to visit daily so you can relive the past? Is this serving you or SLAVING you? 

See what I did here? I love words because they are spells and create the energy and frequency in your reality. 


Let’s get to the, wealth, and abundance is connected to how we view our current reality. Three years ago I would have NEVER BELIEVED that I could put Ascension Nxt in the location it’s in now. Did you know I looked in the window of this exact space I’m sitting in right now, writing this post, and said “I can’t afford that.” Well well well how things have changed since I changed my mindset!

Here I AM today sitting in the space I CAN AFFORD and loving every minute of it. Right now I’m in the process of building an F'N Magick Lounge!!!! A Magick Lounge! A Magick LOOOOOOOOUNGE! I had to say it 3 times because you know Alchemy, Hermetics, Metaphysics and “STUFF”.  

This is my dream and it’s come true! I’ve always wanted a facility where I can do crazy creative projects and create rooms that are literally out of this world. But guess what??? I couldn’t have done it without the money, without the moola, without the fucken lady BALLS to say FUCK IT and take the chances and risks to get here. I’m so glad I did and now I have an ABUNDANCE of WEALTH and KNOWLEDGE to share with my community on how to up-level  income and it all starts within. Are you ready to SHIFT into the VIBES of receiving it ALL?


Wealth Isn't Just Money...

 It's health, happiness, abundance and growth. Yes, wealth is connected to your spiritual growth and expansion. Do you know why people don’t take the spiritual community seriously? Because a lot of them are broke and don’t acknowledge their worth. Who wants to receive guidance and healing from a person who doesn’t understand their worth? NOT ME and not the average person. 



Wealth consciousness also helps you receive the relationships your heart is aligned with and helps you open up to your purpose with POWER. 



You’re NOT MR.BURNS if you have million dollar dreams. Let’s talk about societal conditioning around WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS....


Exhibit B...Mr. Burns

You got Mr. Burns muthafuckers paying billions for propaganda to keep you small, broke, in lack, scarcity, and FEAR. The only reason why it’s working is because you believe it! Imagine if you stopped. 

You know why I’m so passionate about what I do??? It’s not because I love aliens and scaring the shit out of people (I mean that’s part of the fun) it’s because I feel everyone is worthy of living their best life. EVERYONE, but y’all settle, cry, wine, and believe in garbage systems. Why??? Because y’all getting BURNED.

Let’s talk about getting BURNED by Mr. Burns.

When a lot of people think of wealth they think of someone like this, right? Why? Because Mr.Burns type muthafuckers want you to think you aren’t worthy of wealth and happiness because then you wouldn’t be their bitch ass slaves. That’s a part of the game being played here. Keep them scared, keep them submissive, keep them unhealthy, mentally, physically and emotionally so they don’t question authority and get all the resources. Mr. Burns mofos exist, but they’re the ones feeding you the stories that wealth, money, and abundance are for greedy people! Imagine that?? Wow thank you Mr. Pedophile BURNS I totally believe you!! Oh wait!!! NO 

You hate Mr. Burns but you listen to Mr.Burns! It’s the biggest and baddest trick ever to be played on humanity.

Wealthy People are Greedy 

Wealthy People Lack Empathy 

Wealthy People are BAD BAD BAD

No, you’re brainwashed by elite scumbags to think living a happy fulfilling life is oppressing others. When people like me say something against the propaganda you get all mad.

Yes and again I’m a professional truth telling bitch, here to drop bombs to awaken you from the sleeping beauty slumber, that keeps you submissive to illusions created my Mr. Burns muthafuckers. 

Stop getting BURNED by Mr. Burns BITCHES and live the life your heart calls too 


Program Includes:

We’re launching into 2022 with a POWERFULLY POSITIVE mindset about wealth and keeping our frequencies HIGH! Wealth isn’t just money, it embodying all that you deserve. The GOLD is within you and sometimes you need to dig deep to find it. 


We will be focusing on SHIFTING the WEALTH frequencies to upgrade our relationships, money, income, and of course putting the power behind our PURPOSE.


If you were in my 2020 program SHIFT you know that was fire! Now I’m using the same protocol for the WEALTH SHIFT, and these energies are here to lift us off into the new year!


 14 Activations 

15-30 mins (All on SoundCloud, unlimited access) 


It’s so simple to SHIFT......let’s do it!


1st Activation-Perspective & preparation too level up your Wealth Frequencies 

2nd Activation-Release Shame around Wealth and Receiving 

3rd Activation- Release Guilt around being ABUNDANT AF

4th Activation- Release Grief- Let go of the DEBT, the PAIN the Sorrow connected to MONEY

5th Activation-Face the Fears- You’re not doing what you love because you are SCARED

6th Activation- Self Doubt-Release the Distrust

7th Activation- Anger & Rage- Understand it, Let go of the RESENTMENT 

8th Activation-Courage- CONFRONT 

9th Activation- Acceptance- Honor the Present to receive more presents, GIFTS

10th Activation- Love- Step into Your PASSION, YOUR TRUTH 


12th Transcend- Cosmic Dance into Your Cosmic Connections 

13th Enlightenment- Self Mastery, WEALTH MASTERY 

14th Final Balancing- Galactic Sun, Cosmic Christ Energies...Completion 


You can revisit all of these activations as many times as you need. In fact, I encourage this because each time you do this you will become aware of energies in need of releasing.


Each time you do energetic work you release layer by layer.. The WEALTH SHIFT was created to help understand how to receive it ALL. 


Also Includes….


33 Days of Teachings 

14 Powerful Activations 

Group Telegram Text 

Private Facebook Group 

Kajabi with Access to all the Replays and Content 

Journaling Prompts 

Community Connection to Share Wins 


Get in so you can BE IN the right mindset for 2022

Pay in Full - $333

Payment Plan - 2 Payments of $177

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