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Emergence of The Alpha

3-Day Seminar Exploring The Alpha Energy


Day 1


Day 2 

Day 3

Who is the Alpha for?

  • Coaches

  • Spiritual Practitioners 

  • Artists

  • Writers 

  • Basically the SUPERNATURAL Entrepreneurs (CHANGE MAKERS) 

Topics Discussed in the alpha

  • Building a successful platform

  • Magickal as Fuck Mindest 

  • Staying in Super Flow  

  • Sales Pages 

  • Creating leads 

  • Generating HIGH LEVEL Income, fuck playing small $$$

  • Building programs

  • Promotion 

  • Energy Signature 

  • Connecting deeper to your intuitive ability to create and generate sales from your soul aligned clients

  • Importance of Recurring Income

  • Belief, Confidence, Resilience 

  • SOUL ALIGNED CLIENTS (This is everything!) 

  • Magickal & Ceremonial Work 

  • Journaling Prompts 

  • Rewriting your Story (Deleting the toxic programing) 

  • Energy Merging 

  • Past Life Work

 You will have access to EVERY online program Ashley ever created which is worth well over $40k! For more details email to book a discovery call with Ashley. 


By choosing to lead with soul in HBIC I removed people in my life and business no longer aligned to my creations while completely changing how I operate my business. In that time I lost employees but gained more opportunities. I was able to bring in services that brought in 77,000 more to my business while cutting back on my hours. 

Jennifer S. 

By saying yes to the HBIC I put myself and my business first. I have been able to expand services, hire staff, work less and have TIME for myself and family. Work less, and earn more much more! 

Say yes to HBIC as you learn that you are the HBIC!

Melanie L.

Working with Ashley has helped me to confidently tap into the most important aspect of my business—ME. Through this I’ve made big decisions that could have felt scary but instead just felt right—I secured a physical location for my services, I cut back to part-time at my job, and I put out my first high level programs. Oh and I say fuck a lot more because it’s aligned with me and I learned to just be me

Justine H.

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