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Black Washed Wall
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Black Washed Wall

Welcome to the Teacher Awakens.
No one leaves this portal the same as when they enter.


This round we are entering the wild. 


The wild woman isn’t out of control, she just can’t be controlled.

Her love is fierce. 

Her heart is open. 

Her path is honorable. 


And because of this she is feared by many, but loved by most. Loved by those who desire profound change, freedom, and deep healing to usher in the waves of the new earth!

This will be the 4th round of the Teacher Awakens! It is the most sacred container I've ever held and has changed so many lives. 


We will work within 4 main temples (listed below)  derived from different frequencies. Within these temples there will be live trainings and teachings, energetic activations and group coaching. 

Shamanic Techniques 


Soul & Power Retrieval 

Power Animal Connection 


Energy Merging

Ancestral Connections 

Past Life Regression 

Black Washed Wall

Proceed with CAUTION you will be entering the wild.


She who innovates

She who leads

She who shows up with no apologies 

Black Washed Wall
Black Washed Wall

Temple Work Consists of....


Each temple will feature two live teachings, supplemented by additional audio trainings each month. We will also have a group healing and coaching session incorporating Shamanic techniques, such as group past life regression, soul retrieval or whatever else is needed. These temples are sacred spaces; each time we open a temple, I create and hold the space, maintaining this energy for weeks until we have completed the sacred teachings.


She is limitless 

She truly embodies her inner magick

She knows and trusts ​

The Temples 

The Seeker 

The sage, the seer, the one and only who can see in the darkness. This woman is not afraid to enter the unknown and trust within. Within this temple, we will embody the light. We will listen to our innate knowing, remaining quiet and still even amidst chaos. In this temple, we will learn self-trust, expand our intuitive abilities, and elevate them to the next level.

We will focus on clearing our energy, going within and intuitive development.

Wise women, Wise warrior 

Preparing to meet chaos head-on, we know the answers lie within us. We KNOW our capabilities and release all limitations holding us back. We no longer entertain the idea that we “don’t know” or aren’t equipped. We are preparing to ride with the Valkyries, entering the world with excitement and courage, ready to create no matter the circumstances! 


We will focus on power and soul retrieval in this temple.



Can you hear them coming? The drums of the warrior women approach. We will face all fears and integrate the wild energies. We will raise our power and connect with our guides, ancestors, and familiars as we enter the battlefield of life, of the journey. We are the leaders, and we came here to shift the matrix. 


We will focus on journeying to the Shamanic Realms to connect with guides, ancestors, and our spirit team to assist us in our journey in human form. 


The White Witch, The Mother 

And again, it all quiets down. As the battle clears, we enter the light. We step into the temples of solace and grace. Magdalene, the high priestess, and the white witch greet us for a celestial up-level. We are the creators of the mystery schools, the teachers, the nurturers, the creators, and the mothers. We are setting ourselves free and walking the honorable path with grace.


The final temple will merge us with peace and grace, energies within the higher realms to integrate into our journey on earth. We will also connect with more cosmic and Galactic energies here.

Sound Healing (2160 × 1080 px) copy.jpg
Why Join?
Step into a realm of profound transformation! This sacred container is designed to guide you through advanced practices of spiritual discernment, unlocking and understanding your inner strengths. This program will elevate your self-awareness, intuitive development, and deepen your understanding of your soul's true identity. By releasing limiting programmed human aspects, you'll create space for unparalleled growth. Embark on this extraordinary journey to awaken your highest potential and step into a new level of spiritual enlightenment!

Who is this program for?


-Women in the holistic, coaching or spiritual industry 

-Women who are ready to advance their purpose work and receive more clarity 

-Women who are here to lead

-Women who are done with the bullshit of wondering how to get to their next level and just opt in and do it

What is included in the program?

-Live trainings (Each Module will have a 2 live trainings)

-Private FB community group 

-1 in person group training a month (Access to all recordings will be available)

-Healings and Activations for each module (around 3 or more for each module)

-Group Telegram Text (group coaching for the whole 3 months)

-Journaling Prompts and deep dive homework

-Individual sessions if opting into VIP package


Check out the last Round of the TA!

It’s packed with trainings and courses.

Presale Pricing Ends July 15


Program starts 9/24
Pricing $2777 (PIF before 7/15) 3 Coaching Sessions 

Payment plan $2999 w/ payment plan 

3 Coaching Sessions

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