Scaling your spiritually based business while showing up as a true ascension mentor...

Ascension Mentor - The program to go from:

"Reader" to Authentic Leader

"Healer" to Long Term Mentor

Small Business Owner to Supernatural Entrepreneur..

Getting Sales Here & There to Reoccurring Income..


You are here to deliver messages from the Divine, want to stop playing small with the muggles and step into the true magic you were destined to bring into and onto this earth.

You are a reader, healer, or coach who’s so over the cheap 1:1 sessions.. 

Meaning the wham, bam, thank you mam one off sessions where you put tons of energy, barely get paid and have clients who aren't committed to their spiritual path…


Then Ascension Mentor is FOR YOU! 

This Program Includes:

✅4 Weeks of Training 

✅24/5 Access to me inside the Ascension Mentor Private Facebook Community for daily Accountability & Support 

✅4 Interactive Live Trainings Throughout the 4 Weeks 

✅Lifetime access to Meditations & Activations on Clarity, Confidence & Taking Action



👉🏼Training 1: Learn how to scale your spiritually based business…


👉🏼Training 2: Teach your clients about commitment…


👉🏼Training 3: Show up as a true leader, create fire content…


👉🏼Training 4: Activate the world, you are the Alpha, Supernatural Entrepreneur, Ascension Mentor Now…. 



Inside this program, I have reversed engineered how I went from:


In 2018, throwing in the towel with the reading and healings, feeling drained and over it, I was sick of being the “fortune teller’ & knowing I was meant to teach more….


To how I started coaching and mentoring long term clients, taking my business more seriously, implementing stronger boundaries with clients and getting way more serious with my teachings,


And HOW I grew a multiple 6 figure business cracking people open, empowering them to commit to a higher level experience & create REAL results. 


Now I want to help you do the same.

Ascension Mentor is here for the leaders in this field who want to take their business to the next level.

Are YOU ready to BE the Ascension Mentor?