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Ahhh Sigh...

I get bored with just the one thing, which is also why I chose to create and own a hybrid business. People thought I was nuts in 2019 when I shut down my brick and mortar to start my online business. Other people thought I was even more looney staying in my space and paying rent. Them: “Why would you do that?” Me: “I’m just getting started.” Of course it would have been easier to let Ascension Nxt go and just do all the online things with less over head. Umm I think not. I decided to go balls to the walls and create something fucken epic. It’s still brewing, it’s still in creation phase. I’m no where near the completion phase. Has it been easy? HELL NO! Learning how to recalibrate and merge both together has been quite the insightful journey to say the least. And now after 8 years of Entrepreneur fuckery, 1.5 years of the merging process. I’ve created some badass systems to bring me into 2023 to keep it ALL going and flowing. Yea I’m extra spicy and I know I will Reign supreme as one of the Queens of creating hybrid business systems going into 2023. I see a lot of new businesses emerging and I see that many of you want BOTH. I GET IT. You love in person, but you also want to reach a larger audience and build a larger web to connect. And within the next few days I will launch The Incubator. 🔥🔥🔥 Only 10 spots available. 2 Days of presale pricing starts tomorrow! I am here to share my systems. I am ready to claim my seat and my crown. Check the stories for deets 🔥

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