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Are You Ready to Fulfill Your Soul's Contract?

Are you ready to fulfill your soul’s contract or are you going to continue to make excuses as to why you aren't where you want to be?

Don’t you think it’s time for you to check yourself at your excuses and just say FUCK IT I AM ALL IN?

The Alpha KNOWS there is NO OTHER CHOICE but to be ALL IN.

The Alpha knows that they are a natural born leader, no matter what anyone says they know deep within that they wear the crown, they lead, they pave the way.

This fate is set in stone and absolutely nothing can get in their way.

The Alpha is here to be the ascendent, where all the highest levels of leaders create, and build. The only people who are going to make changes on this planet are those carrying the energy of the ALPHA within. It takes a firm belief in self and strong conviction to hold this energy.


To embody the energy of the ALPHA is to fulfill your soul’s contract to its highest degree. If the energy of the Alpha is calling you, then you are here to do some serious work in this lifetime on this planet NOW.

DID YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY?? NOT NEXT lifetime! NOT when you feel comfortable! NOT when you have time!

The time is now and if you feel any other way, you do not belong in this container because it is for those that are so ready to be the embodiment of a Divine Magickal Leader, that thinking of anything else makes their skin crawl.

Again, the time is now to move forward with your PURPOSE and PASSION! If you disagree then sit on the sidelines and watch others pave the way.

This is the most intense container I have ever created, where money, magick, and business come to life.

This is my Inner Circle and this is the closest you will ever get to me when opting into one of my powerful containers.

The Alpha is here for those that are unconventional and ready to take their supernatural business to the next level. Spiritual teachers, mentors, coaches, artists and Divine Innovators are all welcome, but only if you are ready to BE ALL IN ON YOUR PURPOSE WORK NOW! Not tomorrow, not next month, not next year! Do it, be it, live it, see it and hold the VISION HIGH, NOW.

I’m hell bent on changing the world and I can’t do it myself! We need a lot of badass,loving leaders to make this possible.

Are you one of them, or will you continue to follow?

If you’re ready to lead and you're feeling the Alpha vibes, then I am here for you.

This program is NOT for people that watch opportunities pass. THIS PROGRAM IS for people who are ready to put all their excuses aside and walk through the door that is wide open now.

In order to fully commit to this program, you need to be ready to push yourself beyond your human limitations. Step into the supernatural, the superhuman, the supreme royalty to reach beyond this reality and create programs, courses, books, blogs WHATEVER is in Divine Alignment with you that will lift the frequencies of this world to a whole other level. I’m ready to lead and assist powerful ALPHAS to manifest the realities they always dreamed of.

My high level container HBIC mentorship has transitioned into the ALPHA. Within the past 6 months to a year I have had clients who made $50k-$75 more into their business quitting jobs and cutting back on hours. They opted in, said yes and listened to their Divine calling, they have decided to work smarter, not harder and are seeing all the benefits. The HBIC was dedicated strictly to the business aspect of the Supernatural Entrepreneurs that I work with.

The Alpha energy is bringing all of that plus the raw, authentic, primal energy where you will have no choice BUT to make this happen. It is an uplevel from the HBIC where we will be adding more magickal elements to the practice.

In this container I decided to integrate my Boss Bitch energy with my mystical, Magickal High Priestess vibes....

Check out the link below for more info!

Going live tomorrow to talk more about this powerful container and my coaching packages...

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