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Becoming Empowered by Understanding Your Wants, Needs, and Desires

I know what I want. I know what I desire. I know what I am worthy of. I will have it ALL. I embody the ALL. I AM THE ALL. . . Do you know how empowered you become when you understand your wants, needs, and desires? . . Do you know how good it feels to KNOW you will have it all because you WILL manifest it ALL? . . The Mind The Heart The Pussy . . ALL are extremely powerful. In my eyes all must be appreciated to have access to me. . . Anyone who wants to connect with me must respect my mind, my thoughts, my dreams, my visions. . . Anyone who wants to receive my love, must respect my Magick, my higher frequency, my gifts, and Supernatural abilities. . . Anyone who wants to receive access to my creations, must appreciate my Divine feminine fire, my ability to create above and beyond this reality and my sensual sexual energy that elevates all I connect with. . .

What do you allow inside of you? What do you feed your mind? What do you give to your heart? What do you allow in your womb? . . Too many people feed themselves garbage. Fearful thoughts, delusions of who they are supposed to be and lies about how they should live. They listen to the external systems that brainwash and pollute their clairvoyant abilities. While listening to the illusion it cloaks your dreams and creates a false reality that your mind constantly and consistently feeds into until you break the spell. . . The heart is tainted by betrayal and mistrust due to lack of self knowledge, love and respect. You attract awful people because you feel awful about yourself. You attract betrayal because you live a life of betrayal, dishonoring your heart by IGNORING its unconditional love it tries to integrate into you daily. Your heart will never steer you wrong, there are so many lies about how love is harmful, toxic and blind. Love is not blind, love is the only thing that is truly real, but you choose to give your heart to those that are out of alignment with you because you are out of alignment with yourself. When you lie to yourself you attract lies. When you constantly betray your self worth you attract people who disrespect and disregard your worth. Love is real, love is powerful, but you must honor the power within in order to attract empowering LOVE. . . Let’s talk about the pussy, the womb, the scared gateway for all women. Too many women allow junk into their pussy. Men that don’t appreciate you, understand you, nor care to develop with you. They take advantage of your sacredness because you allow them too. They leave junk in your system and then you need to clean them out and detox constantly. Attachments and parasites add up in the womb and energy system leading you to attract more men who are toxic. The womb is the creation center, the CREATRIX for women, for this planet for the collective consciousness, and anyone you allow inside of you should be giving to that, NOT taking away. I make a lot jokes about the golden dick, but to me it is real. It’s a man who will appreciate and love my mind so much he will have no choice but to be turned on by it, a weak man will be turned off by the strength I carry in my visions, dreams and deep thoughts. A man that will give me the gold will honor my higher frequencies I carry within my heart, add to it, unconditionally love my supernatural abilities and want to create Magick with me through our deep loving connection. Therefore he will give me the gold when he’s inside of me because he will appreciate ALL OF ME, unconditionally. This will ADD to the Magick and creation in my womb, and it will be a relationship of giving and receiving. This is what I decide I’m worthy of, nothing less only more. . . The thing I’ve been realizing lately is it starts with the mind, people who are out of alignment with me can’t appreciate my mind. I can tell, for example when men hit me up and say the most mundane basic shit, like “you’re beautiful”. I do appreciate my beauty & the complements, but I feel more than I see. A basic complement will get you NO WHERE near my pussy. Meaning you must be able to hold a conversation, and a deep connection in my mind before I drop you into my heart and then my womb. I know this will weed out the bullshit because many will NOT be able to connect with me on this level to begin with. I’m fine with weeding out the bullshit because I don’t want to waste my time or energy, it’s valuable. I decided these are the connections I desire. Deep connections, no facades because you shall not pass if you can’t appreciate the mind 1st. The irony of the picture with post is I always choose to show up Raw and Real within my thoughts, my heart and baring it all for the world to see. Only the people who are soul aligned will truly understand a post like this. . . Again I ask you what do you allow inside of you? Is it cheap, flimsy, basic, bargain discount conversation and connection?? Is it half assed love or love with conditions? Is it toxic, draining and pulling away from your sacredness? . . I’m here to feed you and fill you. Those are the relationships I allow on all levels, clients, friends and Romantic. You shall not pass if you can’t understand the depths of my mind because I want to give you the best of the best. . . No bargain discount connections here. The Teacher Awakens is here to feed the mind, the heart and the womb to full capacity. I’ll be going live later today to talk about the importance of delicious soul development and connection.

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