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Coach/Entrepreneur Or Mentor/ Divine creator?

Coach/Entrepreneur Or Mentor/ Divine creator? Creating a badass brand??? Hmm ok Or Creating a fucken jaw dropping LEGACY??? 🔥

Yes 🔥🔥🔥 That’s Ascension Nxt 🔥🔥🔥 That’s Ashley V. 🔥🔥🔥

So many people are obsessed with branding, entrepreneurship, influencer etc etc. I get it. It all makes sense, its all amazing, its all about freedom and expression. But it’s also super trendy and there’s a lot of talking the talk but not walking the walk. Annnd I’m a Magickal Bitch I need a little more substance. ✨ I create the tangible from the intangible, grab my cloak please. ✨ I make love to the darkness while slaying it as well. I’m just that kind of woman. 🫦 When I first opened Ascension Nxt, I had dreams of building a sacred space, community, and innovative creations that would never die, even after I do.

Something that will last. 🔥 Something that will live beyond me.🔥 Something that will innovate generations after I’m gone. 🔥

Thinking about being a coach vs mentor is something my mentor brought to my attention recently. With that I really started thinking about what I bring to the table.

Then going down my rabbit holes…. I went back to when I first had the visions of Ascension Nxt.

Yea I’m a coach, I’m a teacher, I’m an entrepreneur but the most important cloak (hat 👽) I wear is the Mentor one.

Why??? Because it’s about helping others build from within, not following and talking some bullshit talk. Not following old systems. Not having to do strategies that are out of alignment and draining. Just being you. And living it. Regardless of the rules and systems. That’s how LEGENDS are born 🔥

So many of my clients are creating a LEGACY. The ideas that are coming out of them are jaw dropping, goosebumps, and firebombs all at once! Their dreams are coming to life. They’re here to make prominent and dominant changes. They’re not just here to build a brand and business to only cash in. Those aren’t my people. When I call in my soul aligned clients I see armies of Lightworkers who are sick of the bullshit and are ready to take action and create the change themselves. They don’t sit around and wait. They go OUT AND IN TO INNOVATE! LEGACY Mastermind🔥 For those who want more. DM for deets 🔥

Photo: Wicked Depiction Photography

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