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Dear Seeker,

Seeker of universal truths 💫

Seeker of divine wisdom 💫

Seeker of Magickal insights 💫 You are absurd 🔥 You are outrageous 🔥 You are crazy, insane, and deranged 🔥 You’re inspiring, tiring, and not too great at lying 🔥 You are a wonder to many 🔥 You are envied by many 🔥 Let me ask you this seeker? What are you holding onto? What no longer serves you? What are you trying to prove? Why aren’t you just in a state of BEING? Only then will the people around you begin to SEE. In a time of great awakening people need to feel the pain and experience the unexplained. Let them. The job of the seeker is to stand strong and stand firm in their beliefs. There’s no need to argue. There’s no need to fight. There’s no need to prove you are right. You can still be intense 💥 You can still bring the fire 🔥 You can still be anything and everything you desire 💥 Even if THEY don’t believe, continue to weave the webs. Of the ebon flow of the galactic threads.

Check out The Divine Savage podcast!

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