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Dive Into Your Richness

Wealth Consciousness Download #2:


We are the middle of a Spiritual Galactic mutha FN war. The energetic space we are in is complete chaos, but the chaos will eventually create order.

I just got done with my recalibration phase for the 1st part of 2020. I’m ready to move, create, and go.

I had to say NO to a lot in my life in order to YES to Ashley fully. My future self kept coming to me during the year, she looked cool and carried a vibrant essence. She is confident, loud, loving, and a badass Galactic Queen.

I would see her and feel her, then she would give me the finger and run away laughing in the astral realm.

“Nooooo come back!” I would yell to her in meditation and she would look back and say “No you get on my level bitch.”

My coach said she was “cock blocking” me until I fully step up.

I just didn’t know wtf to do, until I realized, I just need to be fully me. It’s really hard to step into your FULLNESS. It’s hard to own it, to be it, to live, then see it and believe it. Well at least we are programmed that way, it really doesn’t have to be hard.

But the Ashley in the astral wouldn’t have it any other way, show up or DIE. She’s a bitch, and she goes all in. Boring, carbon copy, trying, and being submissive was not in her field.


I’ve been yearning to be this person, especially for the last year. I honestly can’t explain everything I see and feel from my future self because it’s real and raw, it fully doesn’t exist in physical form yet. I’m getting there, and I know there will be nothing like it. My individuality is of a very high frequency, and will be noticed. So if you’re following me now you will watch this unfold.

One thing about her is her vibrancy and the aura she carries. Both connected to the clothing, jewelry (in the physical realm) and the powerful aura in the astral realm.

I swear I’ve been looking in the mirror the past 6 months being like Jesus Christ I look so boring! I even told people this and they’re like wtf are you talking about, and then I’d tell them the vision of my future self and people would just say you don’t look boring.

When I look at pictures of ETs they look so lively and colorful (not the typical Greys either, I’m talking about high vibe ETs). They have Jewels, beautiful robes, bright color clothing and have this Mystical, Magickal, I’m Galactic as a Mofo look. This “I’m out of this world and NOTHING can touch me look.” This is DIVINE, because it is not of this earth.

This is what I will embody, this is what many of us will embody. In our INDIVIDUALISM we will find our power.

Why is this important? Because this is the VIBE! This is the highest version of myself that I see and I’m like wow that’s Ashley!

I know a lot of you have a vision of the highest version of yourself in your head, whether it’s losing weight, some sort of hair style, whatever whatever.

No, looks aren’t everything, but it is something. When you feel good, you step into your power. You begin to own who you truly are. You may not even look good to others! You may just look good to you and that’s all that matters.

Not only does the highest version of myself look wildly expressive and vibrant she is truly who she is. There is NO FILTER, NO FEAR, and NO DOUBT.

I see so many people hide themselves, and it makes me sad. It makes me sad that many people choose to dim their light because they feel they may be too much for other people.

It makes me sad when I see women put themselves aside because they don’t want to intimidate the man they are with. Let me tell you something, if the man you are with needs you to tone down who you are because you’re too much for him, then you may want to question if he’s a fucken man?

Just because he has a dick doesn’t mean he embodies the masculine.

What the fuck does this have to do with wealth Ashley???

Wealth allows you to step into all aspects of yourself!

Wealth “the state of being Rich”. When I see future Ashley which I’m just going to say, I’m ready to fully embody that now. She is Rich, not just money wise, energy wise. Being Rich is having an abundance of something.

You want your fruits, vegetables, and plants to be RICH in nutrients don’t you? Oh wait no you want that plant to be a broken leaf muthafucker because that will help you how?

Rich also means pure. The highest version of myself is purely and truly me. Not engulfed in other people’s density because “I care” about what other people have to say.

My mind is Rich and flooded with ideas. My body is Rich, healthy, strong and vibrant. My soul is Rich in energy, and Divine Light.

Wealth helps you connect to the Riches within you because it is an energy. It is a vibration and frequency.

The Spiritual War is here, but its not the end for Lightworkers, it’s the beginning for us to find our true Abundance and FREEDOM. Wealth is within all of us we just need to connect to it!

Join me for Money Magick! We start September 2!

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