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Everyone wants a fucken label, but barely anyone wants the lifestyle.

Or do they? Do you? Where are you in your spiritual development?

Your labels are fucked and will continue to fuck you, your kids, your kids kids, and your family line for centuries. For eternity!

Maybe I’m being extreme, but am I?

I seen some serious shit this weekend, we all need to buckle up and get it together. I was looking at pictures when I first started doing this work today. I thought I was cute because I owned crystals. I threw the word witch around like it something I could just claim.

After 8 years of doing this work full time and seeing some real shit, I now laugh at the “I own a Crystal so I’m a witch Bitch”. I get it, I was there but I’m far beyond that now. I’d like to see many of you MOVE BEYOND THIS BS. It’s stifling and DESTRUCTIVE to your growth.

I don’t even want to use the word witch anymore, I just AM MAGICK. I don’t need the label, I create the energy, I honor the path. Spirituality has become trendy and so is calling yourself a witch. I hate trends and most would think I’d be happy about this because I own a spiritual business. I’m not happy it’s becoming trendy but I am happy people are beginning to sense their power.

Sensing your power and fully stepping into it are 2 different things and I’ve realized this as well watching people over the years. Fully embodying your inner power and gifts takes true tenacity and extreme resiliency.

It’s NOT “hey look at me, I have these things and I’m now this thing.” So fuck your trends. I’m the trend destroyer. I’m the Kali Ma of trends. Trends are dangerous because all trends are based off surface layer energies that could go way deeper. Many won’t because then it destroys the aspect of the trend. They may chance being kicked out of the club.

Being spiritual isn’t about joining some “special club.” It’s about being YOU, all aspects of you that align with the DIVINE.

Honoring your boundaries. Honoring your purpose & your contracts. Showing the fuck up when times are tough.

Spreading the light in a wicked world, where you will most likely will NOT be liked at times. The light is the universal truth in which you have to expand your energy body to hold. This is why most humans live within the darkness which is ignorance. The light quotient is low in this human meat suit, unless you decide you want it! Do you?

When the light tries to integrate it fucken burns, it hurts, either you allow it in or you say NO I’m not ready to receive. These are downloads, this is the information the world needs to go to the next level.

When you are truly spiritual and honor your sovereign being you will say NO to anything that dishonors that. You will be okay with not being liked and or wanted because you would rather be LOVED. Loved and accepted by your divinity and the LIGHT.

Why am I going on this tangent? I seen some very dark energy approaching the planet this weekend. It’s not a joke, it’s furious people are awakening.

So my message for all of you who use the label and beyond. Stop FUCKING around, honor who you are now. Show up for yourself and keep going!

Go deeper. Build strength. Become more resilient. Fill up with love. Let the light in and burn the old. We also have some extremely high frequencies approaching the planet as well.

This is what you WANT TO download. This is what you want to EMBODY. Remember the trends are surface layer and will keep you in the dark. Let it burn away. 🔥🔥🔥

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