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From Cute to Queen

From cute to QUEEN From innocent to strong and disciplined From wishing to willing From wanting to receiving From barely believing to BEING


Being like everyone else in my field Working myself to the bone Focusing solely on 1:1 wam bam thank you mam, one off Spiritual Services Playing small because that was the way Wanting more, feeling more, but no direction


Fitting in and doing the status quo is laughable Boss Bitch in my new space, checking off the dream list, doing what I WANT Embodying the Queen...vetting who steps in my court Committed, Soul aligned clients only Having direction, knowing, deciding, EXECUTING now

In 2016 I expanded my biz to a better location with a nicer storefront, and upgraded Ascension Nxt. It was exciting, look at my cute little smile. I had no idea what was to come.....

It worked out well, but I had no clue as to how much it was going to take out of me running my biz the way that I did.

I just thought this is what “I’m supposed to do”, this is who “I’m supposed to be”.

I couldn’t give my clients the direction and guidance I wanted to give them, because I didn’t have it for myself. My sessions were good, but not at the level they could have been. No where near where I take my clients now.

Within the next few years I was burnt out, hating it all and wanting to throw in the towel. Wave the white flag, be done with the bullshit.

I almost said no to my PURPOSE. Until I decided to PIVOT with PURPOSE in 2019.

Fast forward 2021....

I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I claimed full ownership over who I AM and who I DECIDE to be. My clients now have better guidance, a clearer path and move forward quickly.

I decided to be a game changer, change the game and say yes 100% to who Ashley was yearning to be.

Does it look like the Ashley on the right will apologize for breaking the rules?

Does it look like Ashley on the right could give a shit if you can’t handle who I AM?

Does it look like Ashley on the right would hold back and try to “fit in”?

She’s too much and too expansive to TRY.

I am no longer the girl on the left, I’m the woman on the right wearing the crown and helping others in my field step into their God given power as an Ascension Leader.

Scale your biz to the next level, BE the Mentor you’ve always wanted to be.

Make the visions a reality NOW.

Up level your clients into the higher realms by teaching them about COMMITMENT.

Ascension Mentor coming soon.

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