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Fuck “Hobbies,” I’m Here to Help You Live the Life of Your Dreams

You need to be more professional, ASHLEY! Oh do I? . . You’re weird and don’t take anything seriously! Oh really??? . . You swear too much! The fuck I do?! . . No one wants to hear about ALIENS!! Oh so no alien chicken and the Men in Black wear lipstick? Awwwww I guess I’ll just be a loser like everyone else then! . . This flyer was made circa 2012, and one of my greatest creations evaaaaa! Thanks to Tony P for hooking this up! . . I can’t believe I’ve kept this GEM hidden for so long. I swear on everything one day this will be a billboard! It will be the best billboard in the HISTORY OF BILLBOARDS. I will be so proud, and it will be so shocking people will swerve off the roads and be like “omg I need to meet her, I NEED TO BUY EVERYTHING FROM THAT CRAZY BITCH!” ASCENSIONNXT.COM THEDIVINESAVAGE.COM

. . Yes yes you do! . . I just want to make this clear, you don’t need to be more of anything to fully BE aligned and completing your souls mission. You just need to BE YOU. . . I’ll never forget the day I showed my friends Brian and Tony this picture in my studio after we smoked a fat blunt. We were high as fuck and laughed at this picture for hours! It became my promotional tool for my new album coming out and people DIED when they saw this flyer. It definitely turned heads and made people go WTF. . . It’s insanity, craziness, give no fucks, Ashley all in ONE. I need to make T-shirts of this shit! Who’s buying??? . . Are you going to join me for my 3 day Seminar talking about how I got from broke ass creator to multi 6 figure business owner? Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the journey to getting here. . . Owning my own business that I’m super passionate about. . . Getting to wake up everyday and be me. . . Tapping into true abundance by working smarter not harder. . . Helping creative soul aligned peeps making a LIVING off of what they LOVE. Fuck “hobbies” I’m here to help you live the life of your dreams. . . WHO’S BUYING THIS T-SHIRT?? . . Join me tomorrow, link in the below!

“Emergence of the Alpha 3 Day Seminar”

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