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Get over your shit and just do it!

Monday I hiked a mountain. 🏔 I almost gave up half way in.🙃 I was scared, I was trembling, I was psyching myself out.🫣 But I did it, I finished it.🔥 I haven’t been that scared in a while, and it felt good to over come that bullshit. Here’s how it went down. Alicia Fogell texted me a few days before and told me to pick a trail. I picked a shorter one, not realizing how steep the mountain would be. We started the hike and the trail was super easy but I was getting out of breath fast. I had covid about a month ago and I “felt like” I wasn’t at my full strength. Or was I? As we continued on the hike the inclines got steeper and steeper and at one point I panicked, looked at her and was like how the fuck am I going to do this? I didn’t say it out loud but I thought about turning around, but that idea just felt terrible too me. So I looked at her and said “you’re going to have to coach me through this.” She was like “of course”. We finally got to the top and guess what….no view!!! You climb mountains for the view at the top. Well guess what bitch, there was none! The only view was off of a side of cliff. Other than that we got the pile of rocks at the top. Yep I climbed that mountain to see a pile of rocks. Or did I? Well once you’re at the top you must make your way down. I was terrified of the thought, but I had to do it. And down we went. Every time we got off a steep incline I looked back and said “holy shit I can’t believe I did that”. Alicia’s reply was…”I can” 👽 Having supportive people along the way helps your journey tremendously. 🙏🏻 When we got to the bottom I was so proud of myself that I did it, it was my 2nd White Mountain, 3rd total that I finished. And guess what? When I got to the end I realized I totally forgot about how “weak” I was because of Covid. All that went out the window! I had no choice but to get over my bullshit and just be strong and conquer. Your mind can fuck you or FULLY SUPPORT YOU. It’s your CHOICE. Lessons I learned: 🔥Shorter isn’t always easier, and looks can be deceiving. The mountain started off flat AF! 🔥Do or Die moments can teach you amazing lessons about strength and will power. When you have no choice you have to just DO IT! 🔥It’s not about the destination (hence rocks at the top) it’s about the journey and experience the whole way. I thought about this after I got home, why TF did I feel called to a mountain with no view? And then it clicked…the JOURNEY is EVERYTHING 🔥 (My guides were smart on teaching me that lesson this time around.) 🔥You choose weakness or strength. If I chose to stick with my belief I was still “weak” because of covid, I would have NEVER made it up or down that mountain. Throw those bullshit thoughts away, they are garbage! 🔥Having supportive people on your journey is so important to get through the thick of it and to have fun along the way. At times when I needed help, Alicia literally gave me step by step instructions as to where to put my feet, hands and ass to crab crawl. Also she made me laugh along the way to forget how scared I was at moments. Stop thinking you can do it all alone! Mentors, guides, coaches and your soul aligned people ARE KEYS to your success. 👽 I will never forget that experience, it taught me so much about the mindset when physically challenged. We act like we know, but the experience is what brings us true wisdom. After Monday I can’t wait to climb again! And I know one day I will climb that same mountain and laugh at how scared I was. 🔥 Life is about moving through the challenges and challenging your fears. Staying scared will only keep in stagnation, lack, and scarcity. Sometimes you literally need to scare the shit out of yourself to get to the next phase in life. Stop being a bitch and just do it! Check out our live from yesterday to hear more about our adventure on the Ascension NXT page 😎

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