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I constantly forget how inappropriate Ashley is to this world...

I constantly forget how inappropriate Ashley is to this world...

I am reminded when I surround myself by the “norm” that my simple, yet complicated to many Galactic Witch Supernatural strange existence can be eradicating and triggering to many.

THANK THE GODS 🙏🏻 The JOY 💦 THE JOY 💦 TO BE the ASTROID ☄️ That destroys destroys the human conditioning. 😀🔥 I say “NO” to anything that tries to dilute my soul. “How DARE you not follow?” Says the normie 🫠 “How DARE you be so fucken hollow?” Says the Ashley 👽 Seriously how fucken dare you???

The Divine let’s us CHOOSE fulfillment and many choose to be empty. Many choose to be crusty and weak instead of full and at their peak. FULFILLMENT ✨ 😱 It’s inappropriate to even think of?

👽”You’re selfish” 👽”You’re a dreamer” 👽”You’re delusional”

AM I ? Or I AM 🔥👁

I feel like I could poke a hollow person and their whole existence would crumble. Try to poke a person who is full, hense filled with the light, could you penetrate? Would you make a mark? I think not!!! I know you couldn’t. When you are full and experiencing fulfillment you are beyond the physical existence. ✨ But when you are hollow you become dry, crusty, fragile, and begin to break and crack. You give it all away….. Why try to be appropriate to a world that conditions and programs? Why try? Why not just BE?

Last Call to enroll in Galactic Channel ✨ Enrollment closes Saturday 🔥 Container opened 8/4 - enrollment through Saturday.

Galactic Channel will have 3 activations connecting to the Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians 👽✨ Plus Psychic Development Training ✨✨✨ ✨Arcturian Activation: Activate Starseed energy, tune up, tune in, clear the channel to expand your awareness around the downloads you are receiving. ✨✨Pleiadian Activation: Abundance pillar…opening up to new ideas, opportunities, and influx of receiving. ✨✨✨Sirian Activation: High Frequency Light Protection and Power Integration connected to the energy of the Lions Gate starting 8/8/2022

Link to enroll.. DM for questions 🔥

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