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“I don’t fit in anywhere”

Thank the Gods bitch because you’re fucking winning. Seriously thank God, the Gods, Jesus, whatever you believe in for NOT fitting in. Been hearing this so much lately from most of my clients. Congratulations YOU ARE A LEADER. 🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥✨🔥

No true leader fits in. How could we? Why would you want to? WHATS THE POINT? Have you ever thought of the point of fitting in? Why do humans need this type of energy? You don’t need to “fit in” to find your people. Your soul tribe loves you for who you are. 🙏🏻💗 So love yourself for who you are NOW.

“I don’t fit in anywhere.” 🔥Saying this to the chick that grew up reading about lizard people while girls her age were wondering who was taking them to the prom. 🔥You’re saying this to a chick who was in a “cult” dedicated to loving rapping clowns for the longest time. 🤡 No regrets, fun times. 👽 🔥You’re saying this to a chick who when she was 13 used to practice THE ROCK eyebrow in the mirror religiously because that was waaaay more important than being liked by her pimply faced, social conditioned annoying brainwashed fucken peers. 🔥You’re saying to a chick who started a business based off of energy work, rocks, card readings, ALIENS, and all kinds of crazy esoteric shenanigans before IT WAS TRENDY.

Now it’s trendy and I NEED TO GET WEIRDER!!!! But how?!? By just being ME. So you don’t fit in????? SO WHAT! Enjoy it 🔥

You are here to break the mold, razor blade the boxes and scare the FUCK out of all the normies. 👽

Have fun my friends. YOU ARE BLESSED 🙏🏻

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