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I’m a soothsayer. It’s my job actually.

In Kindergarten I predicted the future and got an award for it. 🔥🔥🔥

I won artist of the month because they knew I was on to something They knew I was Magickal from the get.

I think they forgot to put this in the Smithsonian ✨🌟

This is an ancient artifact explaining EVERYTHING you need to know about the current times. Can you believe it??? I CAN 😎

My mom whipped a box of pics out of the basement and this gem flew out. I picked it up and said...

“Hey look mom I predicted the future!” She laughed because she sees the nonsense. This is all nonsense.

Everything you see right now is fucking nonsense to make you afraid, and too feed off your fucken fears, your tears, and to make you feel hopeless.

Let me make one thing straight, I’m NOT telling you how to feel. I’m telling you to watch your feelings and WATCH what you give your precious energy too. Yes your energy is very precious. You can be a delicious meal for some hefty energies in the astral or you can choose to see that humanity needs some changes, move on and act on what you have control over now.

So many of you are falling in the abyss going deeper and deeper into the darkness. They will constantly keep throwing anything and everything horrible in our faces until people can’t take it anymore. We as a collective need to learn boundaries as to what we take into our fields and accept as a part of our being. Only then will we advance. You can say NO now. You can say

YES now.


The last 3 years I felt like I was witnessing so many peole graduate from fucking clown college.

“Omg this is all so real!” 🤡 “Omg I’m so scared of living.” 🤡 “Omg everything the government does is real and honest. Thank God they are here to protect me.” 🤡

UN 👏BE👏 LIEVE👏 ABLE “You’re a conspiracy theorist.” 🤡 Thank you, thank God, thank the LORD. It’s better than graduating from clown college. 🤡

Rip that shit diploma up and join the not so cool kids club. 👽👽👽

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