Self Awareness is the Tits and Ass of the Ascension

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Before I started doing this work (aka being a Galactic motherf$ck@r full time) I was depressed and anxiety ridden every damn day. . . Now...every once in a while, it comes in but moves through lot quicker. Today was a shitty day. I was in my feels all day and not motivated. It happens, I’m human (kind of ) and we all have those days. The cool thing about where I’m at now, vs many moons ago when I had muggle tunnel vision, is I’m more aware. Self awareness is the tits and ass of the Ascension! . . Learning how to read energy helped me tap into this on a whole other level. To me, there’s no other way. People can say energy work is for loonies, but everyone and anyone who is self aware can read energy. . . Now that I’m home and I finished my day, I can do some self healing and release that shit before bed. It’s awesome knowing I have to power to do this. You can too once you tap into the power of energy, frequency, and vibrations. . . Galactic Emergence enrollment closes tonight at midnight.

Get in if you’re ready to learn a healing modality.

Get in if you’re ready to learn how to shift energies in your life and surroundings.

GET IN if you’re a Galactic motherf$ck@r! . . Link in the below

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