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I want to"...

“I want to be like….” “I want to do what they do…” “I want, idk how, when is it going to happen?”

Correct yourself my friend 🔥 You want to be the BEST version of YOU You want to do and BE with what aligns with you. 🔥🔥🔥 Then you align, then you become, then you start really living. Envy reveals wants, once you are aware you start to embody. Once you start to embody you can just be.

In the 10 commandments it states “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Makes sense to me, in the context of thinking we all embody God within. Humans are conditioned to idolize and you know what that does to the soul?

Pulls you away from you 🔥 Pulls you away from your awareness 🔥 Pulls you away from Divine Alignment 🔥 Pulls you away from your sacred Union with your higher self 🔥 Pulls you away from God and a higher connection 🔥

We all embody elements and pieces of the divine INTERNALLY. But we have ALWAYS been taught that God, the Divine, the Universe is outside of us. It’s something that you have to “reach” for.

No bitch, it’s something you discover by going deep within. There’s no reaching to truly connect.

It’s shedding the layers 🔥 Shedding the trauma 🔥 Shedding the heaviness 🔥 Shedding the doubt 🔥

Idolization keeps you from discovering, keeps you from exploring. Your divine blueprint is yours, no one else can be you. So when you see something you want, like, admire, envy, think about how that can click into your blueprint.

Think about how you can take pieces of that and walk your own path. Once you realize it’s your way. Nothing can get in your way.

YOU’RE not meant to do it like them. YOU’RE meant to BE, EMBODY, and create it you’re way. 🔥

Legacy Mastermind opened for enrollment now. DM for deets.

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