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Let me share some Magickal insight with you...

Let me pull you right out of the Hocus Pocus Hollywood bullshit that people associate with Magick. You are conditioned to believe Magick isn’t real to stay DISEMPOWERED. Every human on the planet carries Magick within, others naturally connect to it on a deeper level due to souls development over the eons.

I went to Salem yesterday. Yes I went to Salem. I have a love hate relationship with that place. 🤣😜🤷🏻‍♀️🎃🎃🎃

I probably picked up over 50 different “Magickal” items. Some were okay but nothing was screaming take me home.

Crystals 🔮 Cauldrons 🔮 Spell kits 🔮 Candles 🔮 Books 🔮 Journals 🔮 Etc etc etc etc 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

Then I randomly walked in this weird clothing store. And I found my Magickal tool to take home for the day. A Tupac shirt.

Yes an old school pic of Tupac giving the middle finger. Yes this is my MAGICK 🔥 YES this is a piece and part of my Magickal Personality 🔥 Yes this is an expression of Ashley 👑 Yes I can feel bad ass and confident in this. 🔥 Yes this shirt represents an artist who has influenced me to be me for DECADES. 🔥 Yes Tupac is the epitome of Fuck the naysayers and be you, embody your truth and stand in your power every day regardless. 🔥 Yes this is the SHAMELESS artist, writer, speaker, teacher and innovator in me. 🔥

This my friends is MAGICK. Real Magick.

Yes witches utilize all the tools I mentioned above, but a tool like my Tupac shirt is some of the MOST powerful Magick I will ever bring to the table.

You all have this in you. It’s not some Hollywood BS. The BULLSHIT is you not believing in your inner power and gifts. True Magick is wielding your confidence, strength and belief in yourself. Everything else is a tool. 🔥🔮🔥🔮

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