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Let the Tower Crumble

Break throughs..

They only come when you’ve weathered the storm.

Not running away from the storm.

Experiencing the chaos, so you can be there when the sun is breaking through the dark clouds.



Everyone dreams of the huge “breakthroughs” that will get them to where they want to be.

But let me ask you this...

What are you willing to do to receive them?

Will you face your shadows or continue to run away?

How can you appreciate the light without understanding the darkness?



Break throughs are connected to break downs.

Breaking down to build the NEW.

You build the NEW through the experiences, through the intellect and understanding through problem solving.

If your tower fell it wasn’t sturdy.

If your tower fell why would you want to use the same materials?

If your tower fell wouldn’t you want the construction process to be more sufficient?



The experience creates better insight so you can learn from the mistakes.

Wouldn’t you want the experience to build it stronger so it can sustain and reach a higher elevation?



Abundance, opulence, riches, wealth, health, success, fulfillment. They come into fruition when you surrender to the truths within. But the truths within are suppressed by the lies, corruption, darkness, programming and normalities that humans call the comfort zone.



Weather the storm.

Don’t run away.

Let the tower crumble.

Rebuild it to align & sustain.



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