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Loving Yourself is the Ultimate Form of Freedom






Stop giving a fuck.

Because when you constantly give a fuck you literally get fucked.

Usually it’s not the way you want.

It’s depleting.

It’s draining.

It’s wastes time.

It’s wastes life force energy.

It’s completely orgasmLESS.

Then before you know you’re dead...mentally, emotionally, then physically.

Some of you call it “Adulting”.


Basically you SOLD OUT.

For nada.

Yep for nadaaaaaaaaaa.

We can see proof of this in the crumbling of our current systems you thought supported you. They don’t, so it’s time for YOU to support YOU.



Start knowing.

Start deciding.

Start creating.

Start changing.

Start BEING.



Start loving EVERY aspect of your being and you will truly begin to love life.

You will fall into alignment with purpose.

You will fall into alignment with your passions.

You will fall but the universe will catch your ass and place you exactly where you need to be.



If I didn’t truly love and respect myself I could have NEVER taken the steps to accomplish my dreams. My dreams would have been lost in the smog. The smog is the fucks you give to other people, ideas, and programming that is completely out of alignment with your soul. Most souls get lost in the smog, can never find the light and live this weird twilight zone Nightmare of a life just on repeat. Who feels like it? NOT ME.

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