Magick Death Rebirth Repeat

“What do you do Ashley?” Blog #1 I’m Magickal AF. Why? I CHOSE, I AM, I REMEMBER To many of you Bitches constantly and consistently forget who you BE. . . October, the month where everyone thinks Magick is cute and “IN”. I don’t take breaks from Magick, I embody it and it’s a LIFESTYLE. . . “Want to go to Salem?” Eye roll city. I love Salem but I’m so sick of the band wagon riders around this time of the year. NO I don’t want to go Salem right now and I’ll tell you why. . . I don’t need to go to Salem to feel Magickal. I don’t need Salem to connect with my inner Witch. I don’t need Salem to celebrate Samhain. I create all of this within and bring it too my community at Ascension Nxt. . . I AM all year round. I can get really perturbed this time of year with the wannabe witches and play Magick Bitches. In all honesty what I do is NOTHING TO PLAY around with and anyone who is serious about their Spiritual and Magickal Development will agree. . . It takes time Dedication Inner healing Discipline Patience Strength Strong sense of self... . . And soooooo much more to truly understand, feel, and create REAL MAGICK. Not Halloween candy, scary movie, party, paint your face BULLSHIT. Don’t get me wrong, don’t get all in a fucken tizzy. I love that stuff, but I’ve seen some CRAZY FUCKEN things that would make most adults shit their pants and wear depends if I TOLD you all of what I’ve seen. One day I will write a tell all book and it will be a New York Times best seller just because of the wild stories. BUTTTTT We’re not there yet!!! . . Back to the “stuff” You know “the stuff I do.” I honestly cringe when people walk into Ascension Nxt and have no clue what we do, and mutter “yea I have a friend or know so and so who’s into this STUFF.” I have to walk away, thank God I don’t work the storefront. I can’t!! . . Associating my LIFESTYLE with the word STUFF has always been annoying to say the least, again it’s eye roll city. Sometimes I wish I could roll my eyes so far in the back of my head like the Undertaker(WWE for you non wrestling fans) I would scare the SHIT out of the “STUFF” people and they run and tell all their friends about how FN crazy I am. That would be great word of mouth promo! . . Anyways this “stuff” I do that’s only cool around this time of year to the non believers has changed my life and so many others. . . Let’s talk about Ceremony....I LOVE TO HOLD SPACE in MAGICKAL Ceremony. The thing is 99% of my Ceremonial work is personal, with high level clients, or you need to apply. Very rarely do I open up Ceremonial space to the public because I feel you have to be at a certain level to work with certain energies. My Samhain ceremonies are different and since 2019 I’ve decided this will be an Ascension Nxt staple event once a year. People need to learn CEREMONY in a SAFE and PROTECTED environment. This is what Ascension Nxt is here for. We take pride is consistent cleaning, clearing and protecting of our beautiful space so our clients can connect to the other realms safely. . . Our Samhain Ceremony is open to the public and it’s a great way to connect with the other side, loved ones who passed, and Ancestors you may have never connected with in the physical. All of these energies can potentially bring you beautiful messages and healing for the current times. . . I’m going to leave this off with one last comment...You don’t need to be “special” to do what I do. You need to be DEDICATED to a practice to development your abilities to connect on these levels. So join us October 16th for our Samhain Ceremony where we will feast, connect with our loved ones who crossed over and create a sacred space to embody the true energies and elements of Samhain. . . Reserve your space now in link below. Limited seating

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