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Mindsets and Beliefs of Most Spiritual Mentors

Your clients want bare minimum services, “readings/healings”, low cost, in and out.

These low costs offers are what everyone else is doing and it makes “sense”

People don’t want to invest in high level spiritual courses

People don’t understand true spiritual development….”I don’t want to be pushy.”

The truth is readings and healings are door openers and upkeep. People actually want more, usually they dont understand or comprehend how deep they can go.

You are the mentor here to guide them and help them understand they are worthy of way more.

You’re not here to make sense, you’re here to move people beyond the norm. Fuck making “sense”, people need your “crazy” creations. They are waiting for you to shift them beyond human comprehension.

Be all of you now, direct them, show them what you got.

People most certainly do invest! Its your responsibility as a leader to talk about WHY investing is important.

*Investing in yourself can shift your reality

*Investing in yourself can help you open up and receive more

*Investing in yourself when working with a mentor helps accelerate the learning process

Think about it, would your clients come to you if they didn’t want your help and or guidance?

Why would you hold back on giving them more?

BE the Leader

You are the walking and talking proof that diving deep into your practice works! Maybe you’re right, maybe people don’t understand the truth about deep spiritual development because they’re not being taught.

Be the innovator, and guide them.

BE the Ascension Mentor now

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