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Moving forward, Adventure, and my Spiritual Development Mentorship Opportunity

People think that I just press play and go. People think that it’s so easy for me to just do the thing and be the thing. . . I had a huge realization with my coach this week that I have a serious issue with hesitation as of late. I know that may sound absurd because many of you have a different perspective of me. But I go through it to, I doubt myself as well. . . I just signed a new client yesterday and she was telling me how she doubts her abilities, I was like so do I at times. It’s natural to question yourself, it’s a part of being human. . . NO ONE is perfect. NO ONE on this planet knows it all. NO ONE on this planet is 100% certain all the time. . . Part of the human experience is to move through the motions and tell the ego to fuck off. . . At times I hesitate a lot in posting, creation, and things I want to move forward with in my business. I was telling my coach as I was talking to her yesterday, I was having visions of when I was a kid I went to jump off a swing (it was something I did all the time, I would go as high as I could and jump off) and I went to jump, hesitated and then jumped and fell, and knocked the wind out of me. It was scary as fuck, I remember my aunt running over to me asking if I was okay and I couldn’t breathe or talk for a second. After that day I never jumped off a swing again. . . This memory came up while I was on my call with my coach. It was a reminder for me to cut the shit, just show up when you want, share your stories, have fun, stop trying to make it PERFECT. . . Perfection will knock the wind out of you, you won’t be able to breathe trying to be perfect. You’ll just fall and fall hard. . . That one call with my coach shifted my energy so much, just having an hour with someone who gets it, who’s been through it, who STILL goes through it at times but DECIDES to persevere is so valuable. . . Going live on my IG at 10:30am to talk more about

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