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My Vision Came to Life Because I Chose

I wasn’t doing what I REALLY wanted to do. Most people think that’s normal. “It’s good enough”, I’m not that type of person. I wanted more, I needed more, my soul was yearning for a change.


Working non stop

Constant clients, constant appointments, with no time for creation

Business was “good” but I could barely support myself, mentally, emotionally, and financially


I was done, I sent out an email and YouTube video telling people why. I lost some clients but gained more for myself and the future of Ascension Nxt.

I started venturing into the online world, creating courses, creating content, and having fun.

I committed to a physical trainer, healthier lifestyle and mentorships. It was hard at first to make the investments, but after a while it all became non-negotiable.

I hit my first $10k month and my first 6 figure year.


I was fully ready to expand Ascension Nxt.

I invested over $40k in coaching which helped me expand my vision with the new space coming in.

I started selling high level offers with ease, letting it all drop in.

I went through an intense break up, had a crazy year (who didn’t in 2020) my business hit another record high and I opted out of my old EG location with no where to go. I completely trusted the new space would come in.


Started hitting consistent $20k months and my business hit multiple 6 figures that year.

I found my dream facility after leaving my old space in 4 months!

I started selling my first high level mentorship with a 6 month to a year commitment. I would have never done this without the coaches and mentorships I decided to opt into. My coaches taught me about the VALUE of commitment and consistency.

I learned a lot about resiliency and holding the vision strong in 2021, there were times in between spaces I thought I was crazy! Even after I got into my space unexpected bullshit came up! Most people would have ran for the hills. I ran up the mountain.


Learning how to uphold and maintain an empire.

I hit my first $33k month.

This year I’m narrowing down what I WANT to produce for my clients and zoning in on helping people in my field create a sustainable biz.

Let’s talk about the last one ....yes this is what I’m passionate about. Too many people in my field walk the fine line between believing and trusting and letting the dream fall by the waste side.

I’m a firm believer people in my field should get paid and should get paid well. I’m a firm believer people in my field should solely be focusing on their path and purpose, not a 9-5.

We are providing services that are life changing! Read that again....weareprovidingservices thatarelifechanging!

You deserve to get paid and to get paid well so you can rest and care for yourself in between clients.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs aren’t appreciated enough and are always taken advantage of because many don’t take our profession seriously.

I take it seriously and I’m here to help you understand your value and your worth.

I’ve been through it all in this field and I’m here to share my experiences, knowledge and wisdom to help you succeed and sustain.

Ascension Mentor Presale ends 4/22, prices double after Friday!

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