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Nightmare to the Masses

Picture #1...The face I make when people ask me ridiculous questions about Halloween, Witchcraft, Aliens, Crystals, Raaay Kaaay (only a few people will get that lol) aaaaaand of course the “STUFF I DO”. Apparently that was a popular live. (Check it out if you haven’t! 10/9 titled “The Stuff I do.”) . . Picture #2...When people ask me what I’m going to be for Halloween? Hmmmmmm “Well Ashley of course!” What’s more traumatizing than a person who could give a fuck about your shit ass programmed opinion, tells the truths you don’t want to hear and makes you accountable for your bullshit!???? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . The HORROR! I am a nightmare to the masses! . . Picture #3...Just pondering in a graveyard thinking ......Portals, Spirits, Goblins, and Ghouls, imagining if I was a boring juice drinking bitch like most of youzzzz???? Uggghhhhhh Following the news, following the rules, worshiping Reptilian baby eating fools! Ahhh a sigh of relief, thanking the Gods I’m not a lying brain washed thief. Thief of joy, thief of life, lying to myself about every aspect of my life. NOPE....Soul selling soul selling that’s what you do, I’d rather be weird and outcasted then BE “normal” LIKE YOU. BOOM . . My Alien Witch Rap...dedicated to the normies. . . Picture #4....DEATH....I LOVE IT. DARKNESS....Give me MORE. The ASTRAL...I LIVE THERE. Anything strange and out of this WORLD I call it HOME. . . I just had to bust balls! You know I love you all! . . Home to me is anything beyond this realm. I’m inviting you into my home on October 16th, this Saturday for our Evening with the Ancestors. . . Ticket sales end tonight! Check out our itinerary below... . . Samhain Brief Event Outline... . . Opening Space & Welcome Ceremony Setting intentions for the night Collective Card Pull . . 1st Connecting Clearing Meditation/Activation I will activate and clear your energy field, then we’ll dive straight into some Ancestral Clearing followed by a guided meditation with Nel. Within the guided Meditation with Nel you will have a chance to connect and receive messages from your Ancestors. Journaling and discussion will follow. . . Break to eat, relax and have community connection. . . 2nd Connection Activation Table Tipping with Tori, Me, Danielle and Deanna to bring the Ancestors in through table to ask messages for the collective. I have set questions to ask in which will help with guidance entering into 2022 . . Closing Ceremony Connecting with our Ancestor altar and taking home your Ancestor Connection kits to continue at home. . . There are only 5 spaces left and ticket sales end tonight! . . Last call to... Be a part of the STUFF I do! . . Link in the Below...

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