Pondering about giving no fucks. 🐺 Pondering about freedom.🐺 Pondering about adventure.🐺 . . My nightmares have been pretty intense lately…. . . No I wasn’t being chased by something, eaten by something. Nope no sleep paralysis… . . WORSE . . I was a NORMAL PERSON 😱 Living a normal LIFE 😱 . . Scary as fuck! That will never happen. I’m too fucken Magickal for that. ✨ . . So as I ponder on these New Hampshire rocks, I think about adventure and venturing out. . . And taking you all with me, with us. 💗 Time to mark our territory with the Galactic imprints. 🐺🔥 . . This is just the beginning. Deets coming soon. 🔥

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