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Sovereignty or Slavery

Sovereignty or Slavery you choose. . . Old Paradigms of lack, scarcity, and control, or New Paradigms of abundance, wealth and freedom? You choose. . . Relationships that are toxic and draining or relationships that are fulfilling and feed your soul....again, you CHOOSE. . . You know what I noticed since I started stepping into my sovereignty? People are so triggered , they’d rather see you run down and weak. Why? Is it because your more relatable or is a bright light too much for people? I guess that’s where the expression “It’s lonely at the top” comes from. You start elevating and say bye bye to all the peeps with their feet stuck in the mud. . . Being stuck is a choice and so is flying high. No one dictates your reality, there’s just some people who pretend to be “really good leaders” who are actually terrible actors that know a lot about dark Magick & washing brains. When you WAKE UP you begin to see how ridiculous the shit show really is and realize you have nothing to lose by stepping into your Authenticity which helps you align with your inner strengths. . . “Oh my god she’s stepping into her power, I hate her now.” . . You mean you hate yourself for not owning your's? Hmmmm that’s quite unfortunate, because people who step into their power heart centered and aligned with the Divine only want to see others there as well. What do you think we want to be around a bunch of powerless people? Yeah, that sounds like fun, just hook up your succubus hoses and start draining the fuck out of me now because you can’t hold your own. Yaaaaay low frequencies communities are so much fun says NO ONE EVOLVING EVER! . . Fuck outta here with your garbage perspective of people who own up to who they are and living life the way they want to live it. Seriously, throw that ideology in the garbage and start reframing your mindset on LIVING. Especially if you’re fed up with the current energies on this planet now!! . . Again SOVEREIGNTY OR SLAVERY YOU CHOOSE. . . There’s 2 more months until we hit 2022. Are you following or leading? There’s no in between anymore. . . Sovereign is DIVINE Sovereign is FREEDOM Sovereign is ENLIGHTENMENT Sovereign is LOVE . . Galactic Emergence weekend is coming up Nov. 6-7! I had to fully step into my Sovereignty to honor this new modality I’ve created. Deets coming soon! I know it’s last minute but who’s meant to be there will BE.

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