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The Continued Story of the Magick Lounge...

Holy shit what a month...

A is for Accomplishment.

A is for Ashley.

V is for Value.

V is for Vingi.

I put a lot of time and effort into my business. So much time, effort, and thought at moments I have to be patient for the vision to come true. It’s annoying, it makes me want to punch things, people, and baby eating aliens. (Baby eating aliens always deserve a good punch.)

You know why most people slack? Lack of patience.

You know why most people don’t accomplish what they want? Lack of persistence.

You know why most people run out of time with creating? They don’t value their time, space and boundaries.

I’m super passionate within every aspect of my life. All my life I’ve been told I’m too passionate and care too much. If I listened to that I would have never created a business around ETs, energy work, conspiracy shit, 5D life changing Ascension high vibe metaphysical magick witchy, “omg this shit is weird as fuck” galore. Yes I would have NEVER been the odd woman out paving the way. Instead I’d be wearing flats to work, in a dense office, hating my life and going home to a husband that I can’t stand who can barely fuck me right. Thank God I never listened.


Saturday I debuted the “Magick Lounge,” a new event space within the Ascension Nxt facility. I put so much energy into this space and stayed hyper focused the last few weeks to finish it. It’s not even up to par as to where I really want it to be, but it’s amazing for a starting point.

People walked in the room and could feel the vibe and many didn’t want to leave. They explained it as a big hug. I hate giving hugs, if you try to hug me I’ll most likely avoid you and hide behind a piece of furniture. That’s my M.O. , I do it allllllll the time. Why?? Because I don’t like people touching me. What you can expect is a sense of euphoria walking into Ascension Nxt. I know how to hold and create a high vibe space. (Probably because I don’t hug people who suck the life out of me ) And that’s the bottom line because Ashley V said so. Ask around I don’t need to explain myself further within this aspect.

But let me continue my story about the Magick Lounge...

I manifested and I took action. 2+2 = 4 BITCH. A lot of you want things BUT you think, write, talk, then sit on your ass. 2+2 doesn’t equal 5! I took action, I released the constant doubts and I got off my ASS AND RELEASED THE BUTTTS!

I walked into antique places got confused, wanting to leave, cry and throw shit because I couldn’t make a decision. (Antique places are extremely overwhelming when you constantly tune into energy and frequency.)

All the ridiculous thoughts came in about how stupid this idea was, and no one cares.

All the thoughts came in about how it’s a waste of time, money and energy.

All the thoughts came in about how people weren’t going to appreciate my lounge, drop food, spill tea and be fucken assholes in my space.

Tori’s puppy peed on my new carpets. But I got over it! We cleaned it, I made decisions and here we are!

Am I tired? Yes, I actually need rest today.

Was it worth it? Yes, just coming in the space today to grab stuff, I could feel the vibes, the gratitude and the energy of accomplishment.

It feels good, but it didn’t during the whole process. It was scary and at times I doubted my ideas and myself.





I GOT TO A POINT WHERE I LET THIS FLOW. I asked my mom for help, I asked Tori for help, I asked other people for guidance and direction, and I trusted myself when it came down to final decisions. There were points where I was like “this is stupid, this is silly, it’s not going to be what I envisioned”, then I told all that to beat it an continued.

As many of you know (if you’ve been reading my posts and watching my videos) the ancestor integration happened by accident. Wait no, accident is some muggle shit, it happened because it was in alignment.

My mom started talking about my great Grandparents as she was helping and all this energy came in like a whirlwind. I’ve been asking since October for a better way to connect with my ancestors, and then here comes the Magick Lounge, here comes the synchronicity‘s and it all lined up.

This room has already has some crazy paranormal activity.

Why? Because I said so when creating it. I affirmed it would be other worldly and it already is.

Tori did her first Table Tipping in here the other night and people were seeing orbs clear as day. Usually that’s not quite common, but for the intention we set in this room I’m sure it will be more than common.

We aren’t here to be the common folk.

We are here to be the metaphysical Muthafu$&ers!

But something else crazy has been happening in here..

A week or 2 before the room opened I walked out of my office and smelled the most amazing Italian food. Cindy was sitting in her office and I was like “What are you eating?” She was like “ummm, nuts, why?”

I was like “Wait... you didn’t heat up food?”

She replied “No, why?”

I swear on everything it smelled like an Italian kitchen in that room and we were all in awww. I told Cindy to come out and smell it and she was like wtf, then I called Catt and Deanna upstairs and they could smell it to.

It was so potent it was making us all hungry. I’ve never experienced psychic scent like that EVER. It was insane and it was only in the Magick Lounge, no other room smelled like that.

What’s this mean? My ancestors were hear in full effect integrating the energy into this space. As of late every once in a while we get a whiff of some Italian cooking and we know that they’re here.

You never know the Magick that will come through when you create. Your creations are Divine, you are Divine.

Keep going, keep moving, keep the dreams alive.

The Magick Lounge is activated and ready to serve the Ascension Nxt community.

Will eggplant parm sandwiches be falling from the ceiling?

I can only hope.

Thank you to everyone that came Saturday! Lots of events coming soon!

Time to rest, so leave me alone.

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