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The Queen on a Mission

The evolution of Ashley. Ashley then (2015) The girl with a dream. Ashley now (2021) The Queen on a mission . . Looking at these 2 pictures is quite interesting. I’ve changed so much in the last 6 years. Change is good, change is fucken great, but people are conditioned to hate change within themselves & others. Why? So you don’t evolve. . . Ashley then was awesome, she believed in her dreams and followed her heart and her passions, always; but she questioned herself a lot and didn’t realize how worthy she was of sooo much more. Ashley then NEEDED to go through that to become who she is today. . . Ashley now...the Queen the Boss Bitch, the unapologetic Leader. Peeps have been saying to me lately, "damn you’re really confident." Yea ,I sure I am, I’ve been through a lot of shit, I pushed myself through to get to the gold. I NEVER gave up on my dreams even when shit got really really bad. Why wouldn’t I wear the crown now? Why wouldn’t I rock that shit like there’s no tomorrow? I earned it! . .

Ashley now definitely has love for the old Ashley, but would the old Ashley have love for the new? Not so sure on that and here’s what I’m feeling.... . . Back then I would have never imagined charging the prices I do now, I would have never imagined calling myself a Queen, I would have never imagined talking about all the crazy things I do now so freely and unapologetically. The old Ashley would definitely judge the new, but the new has got nothing but love for the old. . . Ok great what’s my point? My point I’m trying to make here is there’s NOT enough CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY in my industry. Yes I’m talking to all you Supernatural, Metaphysical, Magickal mofos who are coaches, readers, healers oracles etc etc. So many of you harp on my confidence and “my give no fucks” superpower. In fact that’s why almost every client I have signs up with me. They want the “give no fucks” vibes. Why is this so valuable? We are taught that our art, creativity, natural Magickal and healing abilities are worthless!! . . “Shouldn’t that be free?” “$10 Readings here I am!” “$50 healing sessions!” “Free Healings!” “I’m broke & hate my life want some spiritual advice and coaching?” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! . . Not only am I here to share my wisdom, knowledge and teachings with my clients and customers. I’m also here to motivate and inspire so YOU can step into your confidence. . . When I was teaching Galactic Emergence last weekend I made a point to have an in depth conversation about honoring your worth as a practitioner. There’s too many amazing practitioners who just give themselves away and can’t do their work on a high level. GE is attuned to the frequencies of HONORING YOUR WORTH. When you step into the energy of Galactic Emergence you will begin to understand this concept and roll with it. . . I love to teach healing modalities, which is why I created Galactic Emergence. I love to help other healing practitioners learn the business so they can expand and receive their worth so they can solely focus on their purpose work. . . This is important! Distraction is the devil and too many Lightworkers, Starseeds and Spiritual Mentors are too distracted by how they will get paid. . . I’m here to help. I’m here to guide you. I’ve been there. Now I’m here. . . Enroll in Galactic Emergence

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. . Stop the nonsense and get rid of the distractions. Honor your purpose and step into your sovereignty.

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