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The Warrior within? Or the Worrier without?

The other night I hosted my Valkyrie Spirit Circle at Ascension Nxt. I intentionally created this Spirit Circle to invite in Freya and the Valkyries to help people integrate strength, courage, and dive deeper into their Warrior energy. A few days before I felt the presence of the Norse God Tyr wanting to come through, one who I feel is highly underrated and rarely spoken about in the Norse world. Tyr is very simple, yet extremely strong and a champion of champions to the Gods. He thrives in the chaos and has helped me persevere and move through some extremely harsh moments in this lifetime. He is tough, old, wise, and honorable. A prominent message that came through that night with Tyr is to strip it all down, lose the Glitz and glam, and just be you raw and to the core. I was limited to my tools that night, I wanted to set up an altar, have my drums, statues and other elements to add to the visual and energy. Well it didn’t work out that way and by the end I realized Tyr decided that was a NO. You don’t need that, you don’t need the crap, you only need you, your conviction, your courage and your strength. I hosted this Spirit Circle with one small drum, one little chime candle, and a bit of music is the background. There was no extras, I just brought my energy, intentions, and invocations. Lessons here: You carry the frequency. You alone can shift the energy. You create the courage. You bring the belief. Your truth can balance the scales of JUSTICE for the collective in harsh times. We all tend to worry because things aren’t the way we want them to be in order to start or to do the damn thing. Then at times we spend our whole life WAITING because we don’t have the glitzy things or the physical aspects didn’t show themselves yet. Right now in the collective we have limited resources and the energy of lack seems to be crushing humanity. All illusions... Tyr decided to come through, embody the nitty gritty, toss out the glitz and bullshit, and give everyone permission to show up no matter what. You have a lot more than you think, it’s all inside waiting to be activated. Show up with “nothing” and BE everything It’s all in you! June’s Spirit Circle will be Meet Your Spirit Team - Tickets on EventBrite! 📸 Wicked Depiction Photography

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