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We need to talk...

We need to talk…..

Because you think you’re not good enough and I think you’re just full of shit and excuses.

Seriously! Don’t get all mad at me for calling you out on your BS.

I think you are amazing and what you were born with is so fucken DIVINE but you choose to make excuse after excuse as to how it’s not “enough”.

Wtf is enough? Wtf is better then you?

We are all spiritual beings, we are ALL SUPERNATURAL and it is up to us to CHOOSE to access the power within.

We choose mundane over Magickal. We choose lack over abundance. We choose self doubt over self love. We choose to question instead of being confident.

We choose it all.

Wtf is spiritual? I’ve been connecting with this meaning deeply for the last few months.

It’s funny how my clients read my mind.

I had a few clients in the last week tell me the awesome things they’re doing “isn’t spiritual enough”.


I’ve been full time in this industry for 9 years and I’ve seen some shit.

Literally BULLshit. Separating yourself from your spirituality is the 1st mistake.

It’s not separate from you, you embody the divine. It’s a choice to be separate from your divinity.

Spirituality is embodying soul and aspects of your higher self as much as humanly possible in this earth plane….while staying balanced. Day in and day out you bring it in more and more as you do the inner work.

Develop your skills

Spirituality is living the life you yearn to live…Divine Alignment

Spirituality is bringing the essence and energy of the divine onto and into the planet…..Divine Purpose

It’s NOT a label. It’s NOT a trend. It’s NOT a hobby.

It’s a full time commitment. It’s a lifestyle. It’s you all day everyday, not just when you’re around your “spiritual friends or community.”

Not just when you have a “crystal.” Not just when you wear the “namaste” shirt. Not just when you feel like it. ALL DAY EVERYDAY

This is why I constantly poo poo on labels. Labels don’t mean shit!

If you are bringing your passions to life, striving to be a better person day in and day out while embodying your inner truth…..meaning not settling to fit in or people please, I’d say you’re pretty fucken “spiritual”.

I’ve been hearing so many peoples goals and dreams the last few weeks and they’ve all had the same energy behind it.

It’s to far out of reach. It’s not enough. Questioning how it would help people with their high level development. Questioning how it will help the earth.

Here’s what I saw from my perspective:

Every goal was doable and closer than they felt.

Every goal and dream was more than enough and helped with the development and evolution of the planet.

Being spiritual IS NOT OUT OF REACH, it’s who we naturally are.

Any idea with passion and wanting to serve a better purpose for sentient beings and the earth is FUCKEN SPIRITUAL!

Please STOP questioning these downloads!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and everything we create and do from the heart is a drop in from the divine.

Stop separating yourself from your divinity, the separation is the ILLUSION.

I’m here to help you Trust the Vision…

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