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Wealth Consciousness Download #4

Stop selling your soul! . . I received a download yesterday about how EVERYONE is programmed to sell their soul to make money and have financial stability. . . You may say “Well I don’t eat babies Ashley.” Doesn’t matter, chances are you are still selling yourself out which intern is selling your soul. . . I’m sure we can agree that the baby eating people are the worst of the worst, but let me explain how we all sell out. . . When you do something that’s out of alignment you are basically telling your higher being to fuck off. . . You’re basically telling the coolest, most badass, divine, high vibe, God Self, Spiritual Warrior, Galactic Self to eat a dick. . . Imagine that? . . All I can envision is your higher self coming to you everyday with all these awesome ideas, and you basically give them the finger. Then you bitch because you can’t deal with the cycling, the lies, the deceit, and the despair. Leave the shit that no longer serves you! NOW. . . When you constantly do the things that are out of alignment you push away abundance and expansion. You push away miracles. You push away really truly getting to know yourself. . . It’s a dirty game we play as humans. A lot of you are dying to step into your sovereignty. I can see it, I can feel it, I can hear it, but the terror gets in the way. . . Then STOP PLAYING THE GAME LIKE A BITCH ASS PAWN and put on your crown and act like fucken royalty! . . Abundance is here, but you need to be willing to accept it and to know you are WORTHY. The more you say NO to all the changes you are being asked to make, the more you are crushing the crown, the jewels, the robe, the riches and the potential WEALTH. . . You know what you need to do, you’re just scared. Make a move. . . Shitty Relationships . . Shitty Jobs . . Fear, Lack, Scarcity, all the garbage will never go AWAY until you face YOU. . . Money Magick 2.0 is here!! We will be diving deep into clearing fears around money! Check out the link

. . Check out my live on IG I did yesterday. Money Magick Transmission #1 . . I will be going live again to today on IG around 8:30 PM est time for Money Magick Transmission #2! . . The choice is always yours.

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